Jan 16, 2009

神の雫 "Drops of God" Japanese Version

The Japanese version of "Drops of God" started on Jan.13.
Although I am not familiar with the manga, the Kazuya Kamenashi playing the role of Shizuku seemed to be doing a good job. The actor playing Tomine (Seiichi Tanabe) is the same guy who played the general manager role in the Japanese version of "Hotelier".

Images taken from the official site of the drama.

Can you figure out who's who?


bb said...

hi hi flowerbossa!

thanks for sharing :)

and... hehe, the guy playing tomine ain't as dashing as wuri yong joon :p

are you following the drama? i'm wondering if shizuku and tomine have equal airtime :p

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

Of COURSE! The guy playing Tomine is NOTHING like wuri Joon!
(Although I remember they hit it off well while shooting that short scene in "Hotelier" together...)

I can't say I followed the drama completely, but the first episode clearly focused on Shizuku.


Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa,
I agree, looking forward to YJ's version.He's perfect for this drama..the looks, intellect and the experience . Couldn't wait.
Love, Hyds

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

After seeing the first episode,
the original writer said he was satisfied with the cast...

Can't wait to find out about the casting of the Korean version!