Jan 11, 2009

Highlights from the MBC Awards Ceremony

Created by makicchi-san (from Shie's site)
(translated by flowerbossa)

(BYJ about to present flowers to SSH)
(SJS going onstage to give flowers to SSH)

BYJ: OKAY~ here are the flowers from me♪

BYJ: Here they are~

(SHS, seemingly unaware of what's going on)


(The 3 of them getting all excited over the surprise act)


BYJ: flowers...

BYJ: Excuse me...flowers...
(Here the 3 of them become aware of KMM-ssi's presence)

Ohh, it's good to see you...
BYJ: flowers....

BYJ: flowers...
(one guy finally notices BYJ...
SSH & SJS still unaware of surroundings)

BYJ: Here, your flowers!
(come on you guys...)
(SJS:uh-oh... we're in for it...)

BYJ: Flowers~~
(SSH all smiles....still unaware)

(SJS: Let's get outta here...bye bye~)
(SSH-ssi, finally notices BYJ's flowers)

SSH: I, I'm sorry....
BYJ: ....

Thank you makicchi-san for your permission to share this.
makicchi-san kindly sends her love to wuri family abroad^^

☆ Added on Jan. 13 - Lynn has given us the Chinese translation for this wonderful post!
Click here. Thanks for sharing Lynn^^


bb said...

hi hi flowerbossa!

thanks much much to both makicchi and yourself for the sharing :p

this is certainly a cute one!

jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thanks for this cute post. Sob sob, Yong Joon ssi finally gets a taste of NOT being the center of attention for 20 seconds, and that's toooooo long for all of us :)

Thanks Makicchi-san for highlighting this to us.

love ... jaime

Lynn said...

hahahaha, this totally cracks me up!! It is hilarious! Thx a lot, dear flowerbossa and Makicchi-san!

btw, is it ok for me to share with the chinese sisters?


Lynn :P

Akoni0829 said...

hahaha.. this made my day. Thanks.

flowerbossa said...

Good morning dear bb,

Glad you enjoyed this!

Today is a holiday here-
coming of age day^^


flowerbossa said...

Hi jaime,

Some of wuri talented family manage to put him in the center even when he's NOT^^

Looking forward to hearing about your outing with wuri sisters^^


flowerbossa said...

Hi Lynn,

Yes, isn't this FUNNY~~~?

I'm sure makicchi-san would be happy to have you share this with Chinese sisters!

Thanks always,

flowerbossa said...

Hello Akoni0829,

Is this the first time for me to greet you here? Welcome to my blog!

A good laugh helps me get through the day too^^

Have a nice day!


Hyds said...

Hello flowerbossa,
Thanks for sharing this funny happening during the awards. Makicchi's interpretation is great. Thanks.
Love, Hyds

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

Yes,Makicchi-san made a masterpiece out of this incident^^

BTW, how is your wine making coming along? Would LOVE a taste of it!


Hyds said...

Sorry I forgot to tell you the updates.. I wrote about it in my blog last year right? and to be honest out of the 24 bottle , there are only 6 left. We had to throw some of the bottles from grape we picked.. that was the first batch but hubby got the idea why it went foul. However the Cabernet Sauvingon batch is really good. It tasted right and better. We left 3 bottles to mature for more months. The other batch called the tea wine was doing ok also.. Those whom we offered/gave it to like it and had drunk it.. Must be ok then.. We will make some more this year ready for Christmas.. Thanks for asking about it. You like wine too?
Love, Hyds

flowerbossa said...


Thank you for sharing your valuable experience! I envy you for having this "project" you and your husband enjoy working on together^^ I don't know the first thing about wine making, but I would think you did really well to have some wine that your friends enjoyed considering you are amateurs!

Yes, although I'm no expert, I love wine ... my husband and I enjoy it over dinner from time to time.

Good luck with your Christmas wine!