Jul 1, 2009

JYB Sonsen-nim's Lecture @ Gajoen Part 4

We had good Chinese food for lunch.


jaime said...

Thank you so much flowerbossa for sharing your wonderful experience in Gajoen. Please also thank Makishi san for the precious pictures. It looked like a beautiful day!

Btw, may I ask if that is steamed fish? My son has been craving for it ever since we left Canada. Somehow I cannot duplicate it here at home, we had to go to Hong Kong and Sydney Chinatown to eat it. I will take him to Gajoen, another excuse for me :) Pleae take care!

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa Jaime-san,

I'm glad you enjoyed makishi-san's photos - she is really into photography now, after BYJ of course^-^

About the fish- I'm sorry to inform you that that is "sashimi" (raw fish). They always prepare it so nicely that it's hard to tell the difference, isn't it? I am assuming that you you are looking for a Hong Kong Chinese restaurant. I checked out a few on the net, so I will e-mail you later, ok?


makishi said...




flowerbossa said...


komasumida for the steamed fish recipes~!
Both look really great!

I'll give them to Jaime.
I think I'll try them too^^


jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa and Makishi san,

Thank you very much for the recipe. Both look so oishii :) They have much more ingredients than mine, I will try them out. Please take care!

love .... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

Yes, I hope you try them out^^

Thanks again, makishi~