Nov 6, 2010

Pictures at Gosireh

A charity gathering in support of the "Smile Project" was held by kiyomi-san's circle "April Snow" and Now on November 3 (a national holiday). Along with another artist (Mr. Yagi), I was invited to exhibit five of my drawings, and we also supported the event by offering picture postcards etc.

The pictures were exhibited in the VIP room of Gosireh, and I was very happy to have over 70 people see my works. (pallet)

Photos of Gosireh below: courtesy of Jaime's blog "Zoom on Bae Yong Joon"
February, 2008


Gate to VIP Room
Entrance to VIP Room

Inside Entrance

VIP Room


gosijo said...

Konnichiwa, dear flowerbossa-san!

And congratulations to pallet-san for this exhibition in Gosireh!

Can you tell us a little more about it, such as when it took place and how long it lasted; also, any "inside" information the artist shared with you or that you observed and feel is appropriate to share?

I hope Autumn is bringing a welcome reprieve from the summer heat but not too much of an early taste of winter.


flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo-san,

I hope you've been well!

I am sorry to confess that I do not have any personal info to share with you on this event as I was not there...^^;

But I have added pallet's comment underneath the photo, and also took the liberty of posting some wonderful pics Jaime took when she was there 2 years ago to refresh your image of Gosireh.

Pallet will be happy to answer your questions, so please feel free to leave them here, or at her gallery!

Arigato for your interestヽ(^-^ )/


Anonymous said...

Omedetou Gozaimasu, to Pallet San. I always enjoy seeing her work here, she captures the facial expressions so accurately!

flowerbossa said...

Dear nimaruichi-san,

Arigato for your warm comment!

I relayed your message to pallet, and she said that she was extremely happy to have people from such far away places like yourself look at her drawings.

Please take care^^


gosijo said...

Dear flowerbossa-san,

Thank you for adding pallet-san's comments. I am sure those who viewed her work were very happy and shared many smiles.

Seeing Jaime's pictures of Gosireh transports me back to my own visit last October. I can now feel the place much better, especially the front entrance with the narrow lanes directly ahead as well as to the right (in the picture).

Anonymous said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for you account

Let me add some information about an another artist Mr. Yagi. Kiyomi came to know him in the birthday gathering in August,where we met a wife of Mr. Yagi who is a hearing-impared artist that often draws 'clowns'. Hearing about him Kiyomi remembered Yong Joon at the press interview for April Snow premiere. BYJ was asked to become Insoo then he quickely changed into sad-looking Insoo. AS he was in a rather bright color shirt, the contract of his facial empressions and his shirt was vivid, which reminded Kiyomi of a clown, who's in a colorful costume and does funny things hiding his sorrows.

Mr. Yagi's work was recently bought by Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

cloud nine

flowerbossa said...

Konnnichiwa again gosijo-san!

I am grateful to jaime for taking so many photos of Goshireh during her visit - even if I were there, being a lousy/lazy photographer, I would have been quite useless^^;


flowerbossa said...

Thank you cloud nine-unni, for introducing Mr. Yagi to us.

I remembering seeing his painting on the KOB (BYJ's Official site), and I thought it was quite unique.

I hope the visitors of the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul will enjoy his work.