May 3, 2011

A Performance of "Rain, I Will Not Be Defeated"

A beautiful performance of Kenji Miyazawa's poem
"Rain, I Will Not Be Defeated"
― 雨ニモマケズ 宮沢賢治 ―

as performed by MLS and educational theater groups around the world in effort to raise money for the Tohoku, Japan relief


Wuri kajok cloud nine made her youtube debut in this video!

Chukka hamnida!


jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

I am so proud of cloudnine and her debut. This is such an inspirational poem depicting the consideration and simplicity of the Japanese people. I can't help watching this video over and over again, especially at our dear cloudnine :) Thanks for sharing!

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa Jaime-san,

Yes, isn't this a beautiful video?
I'm so happy to see cloud nine participate in such a wonderful project^^

That said, satovic and I were talking about the translation of the poem...

Not that there's anything wrong with it, we were saying that it is difficult to convey the selflessness/modesty of the tone when you cannot omit the "I" as you are able to do in the Japanese language.

I wonder what Professor Donald Keene's thoughts are on this subject...

I hope you had a lovely Easter holiday with your family!