Jun 7, 2006

BYJ's Message

I had many thoughts while watching the friendly match between Korea and Bosnia-Herzegovina which was held a few days ago.
In particular, the sight of Lee Chun Soo running energetically on the field made me realize that Korean soccer has made great progress over the years. I was not able to see the match against Ghana, (note: Korea lost this game), but sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, so I am not very concerned about the results.

Soccer and show business seem to have something in common – the greatest aim for both of these worlds is to give happiness to its people. The sense of pride and joy the Korean fighters gave us in the 2002 games meant the world to us. I hope they do well in the upcoming World Cup games as well.

As for me, the shooting for the drama “Tae Wang Sa Shin Ki” (“Great Kings and Four Gods”) will begin soon, and while everyone is going wild over the World Cup games, I will probably be shooting my scenes in Kyrgyzstan. I had hoped to enjoy the excitement of the games in my country with all the other soccer fans, but as a Korean citizen, I will be praying for the Korean national team from afar. Fighting!

(From Joon Ang Entertainment and Sports - translated by flowerbossa)


bb said...

ah... so this is exactly what wuri yong joon had said... i was abit confused by the other version on the quilt... thanks flowerbossa!

flowerbossa said...

Hi, bb,

I am watching England vs. Paraguay right now.

Didn't you say that you were a Manchester United fan?

bb said...

hee... i said my ex-ex-ex-ex-ex...BF was a Man U fan :p

tiffany said...

Thanks Flowerbossa for this clear translation... ^^

P/s- My husband and I are glad that England won. Not a great performance but they won anyway. : )

flowerbossa said...


Yes, they won! Congratulations!

My son is a big fan of Liverpool, and he was able to see them play against Sao Paulo last December in the Club World Championship. Unfortunately, they lost, but it was a good game. We live close to that stadium -incidentally, that's where the final match was held for the 2002 World Cup,too!

Today, Japan goes against Australia. We are very excited!