Jun 30, 2006

Thank God It's Friday...

Let's call it a day, shall we?

Care to join me for a drink or two?

Welcome to "Joon's Bar"
Courtesy of Japanese sister Karu :



mrs a said...

I absolutely love this mv. The wine glasses are classy just like our guy.
Thanks for sharing it!

flowerbossa said...

Hi mrs a and Rider,

Yes, it really gets you in the mood, doesn't it?

I believe YJ likes red wine.
What would you order if you went out with him?

mrs a said...

I love wine too... Red or White. But favorite is reisling wine...a delicious heavenly white wine...mmm
but any kind he would like to order for me would be PERFECT!

Yep, I would let him order for me. I wouldn't trust my own hubby to do that (cough,cough) BUT I would him.

Imagine having a quiet dinner for two with YongJoon in a room alone - oh oh ....... ....going into overload again.

What about you?

flowerbossa said...

Hi mrs a,

Hmm, let's see....
It's Friday night again, and I could use a nice cocktail.
I would let YJ order for me, too!

Actually, I like all kinds of drinks. bb and I had a nice drink with grapefuit juice in it when she was in town!

Have a nice weekend!