Jun 1, 2009

A Moving Lecture by a Great Artist

Jeon Yongbok Sonsen-nim's Lecture on Lacquer Art in Kyoto

Fighting the invisible enemy -
medical supplies to fend off influenza

Please come and visit Morioka!
(Lacquer Art Museum due to open in August)

Pamphlet of LSH (Lee Soo Hyun) Asia Scholarship

A special surprise from Jeon Seonsen-nim-
Lacquer art on special Korean paper created for EACH PARTICIPANT of the event!

Lacquer art panels exhibited at the venue
(4 works presented in Taiwan in 2008)

Sonsen-nim explained that he always wears a suit when he speaks, but complying to the fans' request, he wore the jacket he usually wears in his atelier (BYJ had asked if he could have this workwear!)

Sonsen-nim - all smiles(*^.^*)

Sonsen-nim explained that it was after BYJ (who was interested in lacquer) saw this article in the "Chosun Ilbo" that he got in touch with him.

Jeon Yongbok Sonsen-nim always seems to choose the road of difficult challenges and strives to move forward. A man who is truly pure-minded with a big warm heart, he always has a big dream and possesses hope for the future...

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