Jun 20, 2009

Yon-koma (comic) New CM : Kim Insu Version

Created by saita4
translated by flowerbossa

On our first date out...of all times...

"I forgot my Fshop body soap..."

"What?! How could you!"

Rushed to a nearby pharmacy...
"We don't have those."

She wouldn't talk to me.

"Give me a break~"


jaime said...

Hahaha dear flowerbossa, saita4 san is too much! I almost have a tummy ache from laughing. This gives such a fresh perspective on what we just normally see and assume. I can't wait for saita4 san's next instalment. Please thank her for us.

Hope you'll have a great time at Gajoen this weekend!
love ... jaime

myoce said...

Hahahaha...what an unexpected turn of events ! saita4's a genius...

Thank you so much, Flowerbossa .
Love, myoce

flowerbossa said...

Dear myoce & Jaime,

Saita4 reads your messages and appreciates them^^

She wishes that ideas would keep coming to her like a fresh spring!



So you went to Bali!
How I envy you - I really find their dances and rituals fascinating.

Pinky Ring is working hard on the Gajoen event. It'd be quite a sight!


Dear myoce,

I'm glad you enjoyed this one too!
We never knew YJ's characters were so "versatile", did we?!