May 21, 2006

People Who Supported BYJ - Part 1

Conductor -
Seikyo Kim

'I had watched "Winter Sonata" being fascinated by Choi Ji Woo-san's beauty, but it was not until later I became interested in Bae Yong Joon-san. (laughs) In this event, I only had a moment with him, but we shook hands and said our hellos. He was a very courteous person. He seemed to know that I was older than him. I got the impression that he was a man of good upbringing. I think it's a great thing to act decently. We passed each other in the hallway just before the event, and he looked at me with the expression, "I would appreciate your support" - I realized then, that he remembered who I was. Being a man who is always working with about 50 people around him, I had thought he would not remember me. Watching how considerate he was torwards others, and the respectable way he behaved as a human being, I thought he was a man with great charm.'

(Seikyo Kim conducted the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra at the "April Snow" Event, held at the Saitama Super Arena.
From Brokore Magazine, No.2)


bb said...

yippee... something new to read? thanks a mil, flowerbossa!

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

Did you get enough rest this weekend?

Thought I would pick up some things from Brokore Magazine that may interest our family.

Thank you for coming!

bb said...

hey there...
sighs... things didn't quite go as planned. was gonna sleep the whole day today, but... didn't lor... sighs... and it's past midnight already. another work-week has begun :(

bb said...

just wanna let you know a loveyongjoon sister [ID: fire] has translated this into chinese :p

Toujours_BYJ said...

Thanks Flowerbossa for the pic, when I read this on Quilt, I imagined that conductor Seikyo Kim is an old man.
Nice story, I'm waiting for part 2.

Anonymous said...

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