May 13, 2006

When Twins Fall for Yong Joon-nim

Hello, everyone!
I would like to introduce a charming story that was posted.
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

☆Originally posted in Japanese on JOB on April 14, 2006 by Belle Jouer Twins
Translated into English by flowerbossa

Dear Yong Joon-nim, and all of you who have gone head over heals over this man.
How do you do?
It has been a year and a half since I began reading the JOB, 8 months since I first responded to a posting on the board, and today, I am making my very first posting. I am so thrilled! I always enjoy reading the postings on the JOB, and often admire the writers for their talent.

Here in Matsumotodaira of Shinshu (Nagano Prefecture), the cherry blossoms have burst into bloom. It was due to start blooming on the 10th of April, but because of the cold weather we had last week it was 2 days late. On April 12, it was officially announced that they have started to bloom. Every year, we feel buoyant during this time of April, because our birthday always arrives when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. No matter how old we get, we can’t help feeling this joy every year…

What do I mean by “We”? Yes, that’s right, we are identical twins. Two years ago, we fell in love with this man at the same time. You may think, “That’s nothing unusual, you’re twins!”
But let me tell you, that is not necessarily so.

Our looks and faces are pretty similar. Once, I had taken her place when she needed to pick up a passport she had renewed.
What’s almost completely identical, is our voice and the way we speak. Because the characteristics of our voice, intonation, and the intervals during speech are the same, we often overlap each other.
“….hm, what did you just say?” we would often ask. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish my own voice from my sister’s. But, where we differ completely is in our preferences of color, and the type of men we like. My younger sister likes pink, and I like light blue. We did not think twice in choosing our BYJ Diary this year, and each bought the color of our choice. (If the shade was a little lighter, it would have been even better.)
As little girls, we often wore the same clothes in different colors.
Once in a while, we would dress that way even now.

Now, I get to the crucial part.
It was in fifth grade when we confessed to each other the names of the boys we liked.
Of course, it was a secret crush, so I told my sister, “I like Y-kun” (“kun” is an informal honorific) , and she in turn confessed, “I like J-kun” (both of these initials are pseudonyms).
Oh, good… we each liked a different boy.
Sighs of relief.

Ever since, we never became interested in the same boy in real life. The types and turn- ons we looked for were different.

God must have arranged it so that we would not quarrel over this matter – to this I am grateful.

BUT, we fell for a man called Bae Yong Joon at the same time.

We sigh over his beautiful looks, and are mesmerized by his too beautiful-to-be-true face and soft voice.
We admire him deeply for his sincerity in giving us his all,
his professionalism as an actor in expressing every character to its fullest,
and his manliness in speaking his mind in a dignified manner.

“This can’t be happening…”we say, but today, too, we find ourselves praying for his happiness.
If we would be allowed to borrow the words of a Korean fan, “Bae Yong Joon, you are a man who gives happiness to people with your very existence.” With all our heart, we wish he would enjoy the same amount of happiness that he himself gives to those around him.

The moment the two of us meet, there is no stopping us in talking about HIM.
Sometimes, we end up forgetting about what we needed to talk about in the first place, and later hastily call each other on the phone.

We are always together when we go to his movies and gatherings–we even visited to his country together.

Now and always, we shall talk passionately about the actor BaeYong Joon as well as Bae Yong Joon the man.
We intend to support him with passion but with a level head, while also caring about our own families.

Needless to say, what we wrote here is merely an account of our case, so if other twins out there think “Hey, wait a minute, that’s not so!” you have our apologies in advance.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my humble story.


bb said...

hey there, flowerbossa!
cute story, this one... though can't say i'm surprised... hee, after all it ain't easy not to like him, no?

liezle said...

flowerbossa i actually read your translation in quilt. i like it ^^ thanks for sharing with us.

btw, this is first time to leave a note here and i got your blog from camille's. good thing you decided to make one ^^

i love the artwork attached to the article. and it's my first time seeing seeing yong joon in that pic. thanks again. i guess that that was taken just very recent. he's sporting a long hair.



Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Flowerbossa,
It's my first time to see this pic too, I have the same guest as Liezle.
Btw, this story is really cute, thanks for sharing.

bb said...

hey flowerbossa,
just wanna let you know i've just translated this piece into chinese and posted it on

once again, thanks for sharing.

flowerbossa said...

Thanks bb!

I heard from one of the twins that they went to see the Saitama event screening together - wearing the same outfit! (in different colors I assume!)

It would be nice to hear responses from other twin sisters!

flowerbossa said...

Hello Liezle, so nice of you to stop by. Everything is NEW to me in the blog world that it takes a lot of time for me to do everything. Can I link your blog to mine - someday?

Yes, I think that's a recent picture of him. SO GORGEOUS, huh?!

flowerbossa said...

Camille, happy to hear that you liked the story. It IS cute, isn't it?

You know, I really like the French story about the triplets - the animation is really cute.

liezle said...

hi again flowerbossa! you you can link my blog. i've put yours already in mine ^^

absolutely GORGEOUS!!

Toujours_BYJ said...

Hi Flowerbossa
Yes, this story is really cute. Btw, are you talking about the movie "Les triplets de Belleville" ? great animation and great music too.

Friday said...

You have a blog! I'm very happy to read it!

Will you adopt me?

flowerbossa said...

Hi there, Friday!

You know very well that your "mommy" loves you. So you be a good boy until we can meet someday!