Mar 23, 2008

Damdeok from Episode 15


jaime said...

hi flowerbossa,

Pallet has done such a marvellous piece work on Damdeok. The youthfulness that radiates from his flawless complexion and innocent eyes! I am speechless when I see this portrait. How I wish Yong Joon ssi can see how much his family loves him! My hats off to Pallet.

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Thank you Jaime, I'm sure pallet will be happy to hear you like this^^

Actually, she and HRH seem to share the same genes - she's tempted to give "face lifts" to the portraits she's not satisfied with. Some have gone through quite a few...

SOO, what does your sister think of the sakura?

Have fun!


jaime said...

hi dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for your inquiry. My sister likes the blooming of the cherry blossom very much. Unfortunately the weather seems to be a cruel element in the last few days to these beautiful bloom. My heart sinks when I see the sakura petals being knocked down by the rain and wind. I hope you enjoy them too.

love ... Jaime