Mar 27, 2008

From BYJ Classics / Hero "Così fan tutte"

BYJ on Wolfang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791):

From the opera
Così fan tutte, K.588 – Act I “Un’aura amorosa” (A Loving Breath)

Hans Peter Blochwitz (tenor)
Wiener Philharmoniker
James Levine (conductor)

Mozart depicted the various personalities and desires of man – at times he ridiculed them in a comic manner and ultimately raised it to the level of art. Although the libretto of this opera is not written by Mozart himself, what gave life to the characters and created the drama is definitely his music. If I had a career as an opera singer, I would no doubt perform in his works, and would have been moved by the experience. The title “women are like that (così fan tutte)” (I beg your pardon me if it seems like I am teasing you ladies) in fact depicts the truth that although human beings regardless of sex yield to small temptations at times, that is the very reason life is joyous, and we come to think about various matters through these experiences. Every aria is rich in nuance, each word too fascinating to be overlooked.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate it.

HeippieH said...

OMG, dear flower, what is this? Is this your review or YJ's? I am totally amazed by the words of choice and the depth of the thoughts conveyed. I love it. I found you have more postings lately but I have not catch up, I need to take more time to read them all, and I love the drawings, are they all done by your mom as I learned from Jaime that your mom draws a lot of YJ pictures, right? Absolutely love your posts, and the knowledge you shared on music. I love music, this is good for my further study. Thanks much much!!!

love ...

flowerbossa said...

Hi suehan,

I'm glad you enjoyed this^^


flowerbossa said...

Hi Heippieh,

THESE are translations of YJ's essays attached to the BYJ Classics/HERO albums. YJ writes beautifully - his choice of words are simple, yet I can tell that he really "feels" the music, and that is what really moves me. I can only hope that I am doing justice to his writings!

Incidentally, Maestro Seikyo Kim who will be conducting the BYJ Classics concert next week studied in the Boston area. He majored in philosophy at Boston University,and then studied conducting at New England Conservatory (and yes he studied with Seiji Ozawa at Tanglewood!). I'm sure Boston is like a second home for him!

I'm sure Pallet will be pleased to hear your kind comments about her drawings♪