Mar 19, 2008

Why People Are Attracted to BYJ

Excerpt from an essay by Kang Hi Bong from the magazine "I Love Korean Dramas!" No.10
As long as we consider ourselves unhappy, our power to receive the charm emitted from BYJ is weak. Because, to preserve the happy image given by BYJ in one’s hearts, we need to have the foundation to see ourselves in a positive way.

Perhaps people who consider themselves unhappy are seeking for something more tangible than an enigmatic image.

However, although it is natural to possess a desperate yearning to see BYJ in person, it is not necessarily the best thing. What is more important is to have a positive attitude of ourselves, for continuing the journey with the image we have conceived in our hearts. It gives us great comfort just to think that we are not alone.

As for myself, I would like to treasure the image of BYJ I have in my heart. This image belongs to me. Though there is only one BYJ, depending on how people perceive him, the number of images is infinite. Mine is just one of them, but it is a one and only image.

(Kang Hi Bong, the editor of the magazine “I Love Korean Dramas” is a second generation Korean in Japan. His essays analyzing why we are attracted to BYJ has been compiled into two volumes.)


gosijo said...

Hi Flowerbossa,

Thank you for yet another great translation. I'm not sure if Kang Hi Bong has covered the notion of amplification in other essays but our Jaime recently commented on it in her blog ( She was focusing on wuri dear Yong Joon�s fairy-like innocence. In her comments, she wrote: �I also feel that he cannot do it all by himself. It is the love and sincerity that we sisters treat each other in his family that amplifies this quality and raise it to another level.�

I think this amplification applies to many other traits as well.

Message to Pallet: wonderful Jun Sang sketch!

flowerbossa said...

Hello Gosijo,

You and Jaime are so right about this idea of amplification.

It is a quality we should be grateful and proud of in our family.

Thank you as always!