Feb 21, 2009

COOL ! E Jiah!

E Jiah is featured in the magazine Numero Korea.
(photos from site "K-popped!")

Thank you makishi for sharing this info!


Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa! How are you? I like E Jiah too. I love these shots, well chosen location and great model..wonder if BYJ's next pictures will show the wild and exotic side of Tasmania. It would be great..
Thank you ;-)
Love, Hyds

myoce said...

Oh! Flowerbossa, I love these pictures...and she looks so natural not posed. I agree with Hyds, the location is great....

The best for you and Pallet .
Love, myoce

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

I hope all's well with you^^

Yes,these photos are so stylish!
Makishi & I were saying YJ should do something more original like this - will he ever have the chance?


flowerbossa said...

Hello myoce,

It seems they shot these near Las Vegas - I believe it was while she was on vacation in the States.

Naturally, she would feel very comfortable 'at home'!