Feb 6, 2009

From Nikkan Sports Dec.29 2006

Wuri LL,
Thank you for the love-filled VODs you made for the BSJ event!
We love you!


Hyds said...

Hello Flowerbossa! how are you these days.. this is one of my favorite pictures of BYJ. Pallet had done a great job. Well done! Thank you for sharing. love, hyds

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

A lot has been going on in my family life & bae-life and it's been quite exciting to say the least^^

Glad to hear that this is one of your favorite pic of BYJ!
Our friend satovic mentioned that this particular picture actually looks like LL in some ways....


Hyds said...

That's really interesting. I saw LL's works and I bow to the dedication, love, loyalty that were shared in the works.
I hope you are keeping well.
Love, Hyds