Feb 9, 2009

Even Though We are Apart

Part Five

written by satovic
translated by flowerbossa


Next, Kim Tei-ssi said "everyone, please take out your handkerchiefs for the next song."

While I was thinking , ah, so it must be Winter Love Song, Ryu's song, the audience let out a light burst of laughter as if to say "oh, you aren't expecting to cry with WLS after all these years, are you?!" But Kim Tei-ssi insisted "when I say this, many of you tend to react like who needs hankies in this day and age, but when you actually watch the scenes from the drama, it brings back the memories and people start to groping for their handkerchiefs after all!". I let down my guard because I heard Ryu sing right in front of me at the pachinko event, but nothing had happened. So, what could happen today?

The Christmas tree on stage split in the middle, and Ryu appeared from there with his face looking down. I was having funny thoughts like "oh he sure looks like Sohn-san ... if he looked up and it WAS Sohn-san, it'd be such a blast!"

On screen, Yujin and Chun Sahng are making a snowman and kissing.

Oh WLS .... how I loved it... there was a time when I was scared that I would never get over the addiction of watching and crying over it day and night ....

The people around me were moving there mouths with Ryu, and singing softly.

But after running these scenes as commercials on TV for the pachinko, making them seem worn out, I thought I won't be able to cry any more... but like with the "Hotelier" section, the staff had arranged the scenes in a clever way so that one was able to go back to the days we were in love with the drama.

What I thought was really great was the scenes they chose were not the ones like when Chun Sahng gets in an accident and Yujin is shown in a white out, or scenes featuring Chun Sahng and Min Hyung, but wonderful scenes which bring back the words spoken by the characters, mostly by Yujin (although the film is silent).

Stringing together scenes of Chun Sahng and Min Yeong looking all handsome and cool is a job that can even be done by someone who hardly knows the drama, but WE are PROS when it comes to WLS! A cheap trick like that will never work on US! When we hear lines from the drama that touch our hearts (well, since we are usually identifying ourselves with the heroine, it would usually be the ones where Yujin lets out her feelings or Yujin's emotions are swaying by MH) , then it would get to us. BUT hey, I didn't cry~! Kim Tei vs satovic - round one is mine!

Ryu-san is fluent in Japanese, so he goes on with the show on his own without the help of a MC. He said "excuse me for a second..." and went to the back of the Christmas tree and came back with a white cloth in his hand. Then, he sang a song called "Param" for us - it was based on his experience of appearing in a TV program in which he stayed in the countryside of Japan, and and experiencing the way of living where the time flows slowly. I believe the Korean "Param" means wind. I learned this word because Min Hyung's haircut was called "param mori". But Ryu explained that param has another meaning ,"wish" and he sang the song using the white cloth in a choreography that resembled a traditional dance of Korea. Although the first two singers who appeared were quite good, Ryu 's song seemed to contain something the two young artists did not possess, a sort of message he wanted to convey. Even though I was not able to understand the lyrics, it was moving.

Kim Tei-ssi came back on stage, and the two of them talked for awhile. Finally, he sang "My Memory" and on the screen, they of course included the scene where MH gestures "split the snowball ! Split it!". But the climax of the song coincides with Yujin's "I will not say I'm sorry. Because you took what is most important for me with you. Because you took my heart with you. " The greatest of lines fell right in place with the ending of the song~~~~! Oh, you got me!Even if this was a coincidence, you really got me! Aigoo~ who would of thought! Kim Tei-ssi, this one is yours^^

The time is almost 7 pm.

The show is drawing to its finale! Match making for Yong Joon! Ooops, I meant sonmul from YJ!!

(to be continued)


gosijo said...

Satovic-san's great analytical skills mingle perfectly with her lively sense of humour!

Thanks for this 5th part, Flowerbossa.

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thanks for your wonderful translation of Satovic's thoughts. As I observed from the BSJ event, Satovic's mind runs really fast. It's funny I went to the Christmas concert, and listened to the same songs too, but I had 0/zilch/none whatsoever afterthoughts! What a waste :) Enjoy reading all the parts, thank you!

love ... jaime

bb said...

yea, that's why i've always thought of this equation when i think of satovic...

satovic = life

she's really such a bundle of (positive) energy, and i love how her eyes are so lively. if only mine are half that passionate and intelligent and bright :p

thanks, flowerbossa! hehe, your part 5 was really hot on the heels of part 4!

flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo,

You are right! Few can match satovic's style of writing.

And as you will probably see in jaime's great report on the BSJ event - she's an amazing entertainer all around^^


flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa jaime,

It was one tough job keeping up with her at the event wasn't it?!
Sorry I couldn't translate everything^^;

I'm glad this translation is helping to refresh your memory-
although I have a feeling a lot of spices have been added to it!


flowerbossa said...

Dear bb,

Strange, satovic refers to you in the same way... intelligent and full of energy!

AND, I agree with her!