Feb 7, 2009

Even Though We Are Apart

Part Yon (four!)

Written by satovic
translated by flowerbossa

The latter half of the close up report & Another Days was the footage of him strolling in the town of Kamakura on June 10.

First of all, it really made me happy to see him walk down towards the shore with a camera in one hand ... I had wanted to see him like that, YJ being his natural self. Of course with the camera rolling by him, you can't say that he was completely free, but I was overjoyed to see him against an ordinary scenery in Japan. Seeing him hold his camera towards the bamboo woods, lighting an incense ( he had kindly worshipped Buhddist temples even though he is Christian), folding his long legs in a cave in order to take photos .... I was so happy to see the natural Yong Joon. Feeling the water in a pond, he happily called out "water is coming out!" There were some instances when he was acting kinda dopey....^^ Yes, quite natural.

Interviews were inserted in appropriate intervals. When he was asked what he wanted to do most at that moment, after saying "with trees..." in one breath, he took his time to weave his words as if he was trying to cut out a particular scene from his mind. "In a forest with trees... surrounded by grass damp from the dew...I want to place a chair there and lie down....breathing the fresh air... taking in the scent..." . What he wants is a quiet and fully relaxing vacation like that. Though he was probably not able to relax to that extent, on that day, he was walking the streets of an ordinary neighborhood in Kamakura. The audience buzzed "oooh!! when they saw that. I reacted in dumb way myself, crying out "wow, Yong Joon is walking!" I shouldn't talk, should I?

Yes, Kim Tei-ssi is right, if I knew there was a chance that I would bump into Yong Joon in MY neighborhood, who'd dare to walk out of the house in clogs? I'd have to put on my Ferragamo's to take out the trash!

We saw YJ relaxing on a bench in a park in Yokohama, as he took photos of the sky and birds. He apparently spent about an hour like that, and it was good to see him spending time like that.

He mentioned that before he injured himself, he got rid of stress by exercising because it felt like the unwanted things inside him seemed to wash out of him when he did, but since he made photography his hobby, he came to see things around him in a different light, and it had become a natural way of removing stress.

After confessing that he wanted to make a guidebook introducing the beauty of Korea based on the photos he took on his own, he laughed saying "someone might steal my idea if I talked about it too much!" The way he said that was so cute and charming. I wish I could talk to him like that some day!

He also said that another way he overcomes stress is by getting up a sweat by eating spicy foods, because it makes him feel refreshed. Which led to the topic of Gosireh. They showed him looking at a jungeol prepared with tofu tied with green onion (eaten in the court), after commenting "it's beautiful" and he fell silent for awhile. The impression remained with him for some time as he continued to show his appreciation nodding his head. Oh, how I wished to show him the cuisine of Kyoto with dishes so exquisitely prepared! After asking "please serve me a dish", he murmured "oh, this is really something .... I wonder how it tastes..." Ooo, comments like that from you are what makes us kajok squeal! I felt like patting his shoulder like an ajumma^^

Then the film introduced how he particular he is about food, and showed footage of him visiting the new Gosireh to open in Nagoya. This is a man who looks good even in a construction site!

He rode on the Ferris wheel and looked over the city of Nagoya from the height of 52 m. There's no way he could have missed the 300 members of his family gathered below him holding signs. Then, on to the hand printing at Gosireh Hwa. Reminds me of the hand printing he did in Taiwan. But he wore sunglasses for both occasions... He looks best with out glasses, you know!

Then, there was an interview on being an actor.

"Acting is a difficult profession.
There is no correct answer to acting.
When you get absorbed in a role, you come to feel pain more than joy, and there are things that can be conveyed only when the heart moves in that way.
So, I think it is a painful profession.
But because it is difficult, and there are goals to be overcome, it motivates me to take action. I think a spirit to make such challenges helps me to grow."

That was the kind of reply he made. This was what was recorded in my mental video, so please excuse me if I heard wrong. My memory capacity is extremely small....^^

And when asked what he wanted to do in the future,

"I'm thinking of taking up farming. Things like plowing the fields... since I love wine, I would like to make a vineyard and invite families of friends and entertain them with good food. I want to be with my family even after 50."

I think that's what he said.
So, just getting a glimpse of this new video it seems like its packed with great stuff - so we should look forward to its release on Feb. 14!


Hyds said...

Thank you very much Flowerbossa for sharing Part 4! The article is so heartwarming and truly love what was said and written..
So it's out on Valentines Day?! That's fantastic!
Thank you once again. Take care.
Love, hyds

bb said...

thanks much much, flowerbossa!

i think it's not a bad thing that you're pacing yourself to give us the translation of that december sunday's event. i kindda like how a posting pops out here and then, and i like even more of the details and thoughts that wuri satovic shares in her writing. thank you much much for doing this :)


gosijo said...

Thank you so very much, Flowerbossa, for translating this final part of Satovic's posts on the 'Even Though We Are Apart' event!

It contains many deeply interesting elements. On the question of 'taking out the trash', ironically, I think Yonsama would delight in seeing Satovic in her clogs and every-day clothes. Just like us, he probably wants to experience people at their most natural.

On the question of acting, I know quite a few fans who hope he will leave acting behind in the next few years so he can finally have a 'normal life', perhaps at that vineyard he mentioned again at the event. It would be painful for us but best for him, no?

I tend to believe that even though the sacrifices are high, in terms of personal freedom, and the process is extremely painful, as he admits, he does get out of the process something he would never get otherwise. And I'm not talking just about the financial rewards, although those are real too. I get the sense he considers the personal growth he derives from meeting the challenges to be well worth all the pain and sacrifices he has to endure. This is truly the essence of Bae Yong Joon, with the spirit we all admire, telling us 'I didn't know I could but I did it. And so can you. Let's see just how far it will take us.'

flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

Yes, I guess this book&dvd is a Valentine's gift from YJ!

I wonder who he's planning to spend this special day with...


flowerbossa said...

Hello bb,

Talk about details!

I was not at the event, but reading (& translating^^) this great report is a pretty good substitute!

Thank you for reading!


flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo,

First of all, I have the pleasure of informting you that this is NOT the final part of the report - so if you are still interested, stay tuned!

And you are sooo~ right about what we love about YJ. At least that's what he's done for me:

As you said:

'I didn't know I could but I did it. And so can you. Let's see just how far it will take us.'

Thank you for expressing my thoughts so adequately ... and with love.


gosijo said...

I certaily will stay tuned!

Arigato gozaimasu.