Oct 26, 2006

Celebrating "26 Years Diary" at TIFF


bb said...

hey flowerbossa!
you've watched it already? like it?

flowerbossa said...


This was a special screening at TIFF. The official release date is Jan. 27, 2007- the day after his anniversary.

I feel so INVOLVED in this film that it's not a matter of liking it or disliking it... but yes, I was very moved.

The girl playing Soo Hyun's girlfriend is a rock vocalist, and this was her debut as an actress.
Naturally, she's quite an amateur in terms of her acting, but I was impressed with her presence in the film. A great singer, too!

The soundtrack should come out around December. It should be good.

AND you know what?!
Some of our sisters from BSJ made THEIR screen debut, too!
It was great fun trying to spot them in the film!

BTW, I gave a copy of your blog report to Director Hanadou.

Thanks for your support♪

Anonymous said...

こんにちわ flowerbossa!
thanks for sharing!
sorry for my bad japanese...
see ya v(^o^)v

Anonymous said...

sorry, that was me up there!

flowerbossa said...

Hi mymy,

Nice to hear from you again!

Yes, please go to see the film when it is released early next year.

They have plans to screen it abroad, too!