Oct 4, 2006

Kahng June Sahng


jaime said...

hi flowerbossa,

Pallet has really captured the innocence and freshness that Yong Joon wanted to project on Junsang.
Thanks for sharing with us.

baosang said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Do you mind that I repost this artwork to a website I visit frequently?

Who is Pallet? I really like both drawings.


flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

Yes, I love the ruddy-faced guy, too!

It must be getting cold where you live... and beautiful.

flowerbossa said...

Hi baosang,

I'm sure pallet would be very flattered to share her drawings with your family.

She happens to be my mom.
My parents were happy to hear that you live in Princeton.
I still keep in touch with my best friend from my Morristown days!

flowerbossa said...
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flowerbossa said...


BTW, you can find other drawings by pallet in the archives.
(or, if you go to the art gallery of KOB and search for "pallet", you can find it there, too!)


jaime said...

dear flowerbossa,

Weather in Toronto is quite nice, around 20C, just need a light jacket and shirt (like what YJ always wear). Indeed, the fall colour is very beautiful, the foliage changes hues from green and yellow to burning orange and red. Some have fallen on the ground forming a thin carpet of leaves for us to walk on.

Everywhere I look out, near and far, is like a beautiful and serene landscape painting appeared in front of me. As I drive along the quiet streets with rows of neatly lined maple trees and the falling leaves gently landing on my windshield, there's only the soft music from April Snow and Yong Joon's gentle image that filled my heart and mind.

flowerbossa, when you lived in New Jersey, did you have a chance to go to Vermont and New England? I heard the fall colour in the country side is just like it's out of a dream.

This weekend is Canada's Thanksgiving weekend, similar to Chosuk in Korea. I really look forward to the Turkey dinner with cranberry sauce and mashed potatos with my family!

BTW, have you watched that movie 'Stepmom' by Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon? The setting is in New York City as well as suburb in the fall. The scenary is beautiful and the story is very touching. The acting is excellent by these 2 veteran actresses and the child stars. ;)

sorry for the long comment :(

flowerbossa said...

Oooh Jaime, how I miss those turkey dinners! And the sandwiches to follow! Wish you could save me a bite!

Pallet and I were talking about what you have written about the fall season on the east coast, and we were recalling driving up to Conneticut - it was very beautiful. One summer we drove to Montreal, and that was fun trip, too.

Pallet wants to tell you that the
autumn colors of Japan has a delicacy well suited for Japanese paintings, but she thinks the dynamic beauty of the vivid colors and large trees she came to love during our stay in the States is the dominant influence in her works. You made her feel very nostalgic!

I never saw "Stepmom" - you can hardly go wrong with Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon together.
Thank you for the recommendation, would love to check it out!

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

You too? love left-over turkey for sandwiches, yum yum! Have you tried leftover roast beef or even BBQ steak sandwich? Soooo good!
I personally don't like leftover food, but the above actually taste better the next day.

I can imagine your family must have very fond memories of the days in America. Even though the short history here cannot be compared to the rich culture in Japan and Korea, but the peaceful countryside here does have its own charm. I wonder how Japan looks like in the fall? I'm stretching my imagination and try to picture what pallet described as 'delicacy', guess this beautiful season gives her a lot of inspirations too, eh?

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

You must be busy with Thanksgiving preparations! I can just smell the turkey ♪ Do you eat pumpkin pie, too?

Sorry I've been late in replying,our main PC broke down on us, and it has all been "terribly VEXING!" (notice my "proper" vocabulary ^^v)

I'm a TERRIBLE photographer,(my whole family will testify to that!) by if I can get any good shots during the fall season here I will share them with all of you.

That won't be for much more than a month here in the Tokyo, Yokohama area.

Happy Thanksgiving♪