Oct 9, 2006

Maestro Seikyo Kim at Brokore Land (revised) ♪

☆ I added some of Maestro's comments from the talks show.
I would say the audience was 99.9% BYJ family.
Ha ha, he knew it too!

YES, he mentioned Yong Joon-ssi at the Saitama Arena.
YES, he said he never experienced any thing like it.
Watching (and listening to) the STAR and 30.0000 fans
- "you people were quite loud, you know!

There was no way I could hear the orchestra!"

He also referred to his encounter with Sohn-san and his decision to join IMX. He being a Korean born in Japan, is not familiar with the Korean language (he claims he is only bilingual in English and Kansai-ben, a dialect in the Osaka area^^).
Sohn-san on the other hand is a Korean born in Korea, but having studied here in Japan he is AMAZINGLY fluent in Japanese (like
wuri fumi-san!) He also lived in other parts of the world, so he is very much a cosmopolitan.

The maestro said he was very attracted to Sohn-san's character.
Also, the two of them are almost the same age, and as Seikyo-nim had been interested in collaborating with people of his own generation, the meeting occurred at just the right time.
Lucky for us!

He also shared the story that Sohn-san wanted him to be "attentive to
what he wore in front of the public" - I guess he wanted to make sure that Seikyo-nim came off as a MAESTRO.
The funny part is, Seikyo-nim is not particularly interested in being seen as a diginified maestro. He only wants more people to come to the concert hall to experience the greatness of music itself - he doesn't want people to come to see HIM (I personally think it is most unfortunate that he has his back turned to the audience all the time^^).
He considers himself as a carrier of the music created by the
great composers like Beethoven, Mozart, Strauss, Takemitsu....

I told him that I wanted to share his autograph with my friends overseas.
So, he addressed me as "flowerbossa"!
(I asked him to sign my "Brokore Magazine No.2")

He was very nice AND really handsome!
I mentioned to him that I went to Ms. Maki Mori's recital the other day
(he often collaborates with her), and he told me that they will be performing together again next year.
(also with possibilities of a recording!)

I shook his hand ... it was a nice, firm grip...

(If you read Japanese, there is a short reference to this talk session in Mr. Atsushi Yamao's blog.
Mr. Yamao is a music writer and was the MC of the event.)


bb said...

hey flowerbossa!

sounds like you had fun! no picture with him?

hee, so he's 'mashi soryo'? good enough to eat? hee...

tiffany said...

^^ Yes, no photo?

flowerbossa said...

Sorry girls!

No photos...
One, it wasn't allowed.
and two, I was too shy...

BTW, tried taking a back view of the infamous torso, but it was too dark. If you STILL want to see it.
mail me.

bb said...

hehe... want to see backview in the dark :p

jaime said...

Sounds like you are bowled over by his charm, flowerbossa. Wow, nice, handsome, talented; like our prince. BTW, did he mention anything about IMX? Are there a lot of BYJ fans as well?

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

I added some info to the posting itself based on your questions.

Enjoy ♪

jaime said...

Thank you flowerbossa for sharing your meeting with Maestro Kim. Really?! 99.9% BYJ family, what happened to his own followers? Yonsama really command a ripple effect on other artists. I admire Seikyo-san for carrying such a noble aspiration in spreading classical music to the world.

BTW flowerbossa, I am so stuffed from my Thanksgiving dinner. My sister cooked so much food, her mashed potato is sooooo fluffy. Good food, good wine and lots of laughs = tummyache!

sorry, the leftover turkey is snatched up by other guests. I only get the apple pie home!

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

Since this event was organized by IMX, the notice only went out to the Brokore members (meaning largely YJ family!). It was a good thing too, because the aim of the gathering was to get people interested in classical music and to have them come to the concert halls. Obviously, his old time fans don't need that kind of reminder!

Your dinner sounds so wonderful... does the apple pie have a lot of cinnamon in it? Because I LOVE cinnamon.

and mashed potatoes...

can't wait to hear about Christmas!