Oct 12, 2006

satovic's site B.S.J. hibernates on weekdays

This is a summary of satovic’s announcement to B.S.J. members she posted on Oct.2:

B.S.J. has made the decision to close the site as a “rest period” until the new drama “The Legend” is aired on TV.

It was the day after the planetarium event we held in August, that I came up with the idea of closing our site for awhile.

Thanks to all of you who gathered that day and the staffs that supported the event, I felt that we were able to create the liveliest, happiest and warmest atmosphere that could ever be hoped for – just like in all of our past events, I had thought that this was possible because all of us immersed ourselves in Yong Joon, and were mesmerized by him together.

The day after the event, I received an e-mail from a male magazine reporter who had come to our gathering. He claimed that “he hadn’t experienced an atmosphere so free and warm in a long time”. It just so happened that I received a similar comment from Professor Uchida who had participated in our Yon-Yon Academic Conference in Kyoto (please refer to the AERA article), and the reporter from Kyoto Shimbun (newspaper) who came to our Okan Art Exhibit”told us that he had never seen such a place that was so “free of barriers”.

Think for a moment. If the people who were not members of our group were able to immerse themselves in the same feeling, it probably means that we had created something a bit different from the simple “oh our prince is so handsome … sighs…” world, right?

I think this was made possible as all the people who had gathered there felt compassion towards others, emitting warm waves that were void of self-centeredness and greed, and enjoyed themselves.

When I read the reporter’s message though, I was struck with another thought.
“Oh, no! Wasn’t I born to create a place like this through ayurveda? What have I being doing the past two years? I had not made any effort at all…”
I reprimanded myself.

I think each of you have your own“homework",too.
So, I would like to suggest that we get away from our PCs during the first half of the week, and tackle our homework. Then on weekends, we can immerse ourselves in the wonderful world of Yong Joon just like always!

At first, I thought about closing the site completely for half a year, but since it is my greatest joy to meet all of you here on this board, I came up with the idea I just talked about. I will miss you terribly during the first half of the week.
But it is only a “hibernation” for the few months until the new drama begins, and I think to be able to support wuri prince on the LOONG run, a period of rest like this is necessary. So, I hope you will understand and support the new system.

Even during this hibernation, the photos and posting that are already on the site is available for you to enjoy.

We will be closing on October 10th, and re-open on Friday.

Looking forward to your weekend postings!

Here is the link to B.S.J. http://club.brokore.com/club.asp?cid=a0100077


bb said...

mmm... okie, will wait for your update :)

bb said...

ah... so this is the gist of it :) thanks for translating it, flowerbossa.

you know, i actually think this is a good idea, much better than closing the site completely anyway.

and, coincidentally i was thinking about how some fans seem to be overly immersed in this whole bae-business. i know of people who would really really really worry for yong joon. i mean, really worry... they can't sleep when he says he can't sleep, they get all distressed when they read about how he doesn't have privacy, they get all stressed up when they read about the potential hurt it would cause yong joon with the bad press... they practically are so into his life it's scary!

i do adore that man, and i do care for him, i guess... but he's still not a real-real person in my life. so i care him in a way that i've cared for another person, coz i've never cared for an actor before, someone i don't even know. but he's still not a real-real part of my life. and we have other people, real people, we have other things and commitments and interests, blah blah blah in our lives. it would be very sad if we allow our bae-love become bae-obsession, to the extent we lose sight of our own lives and lose our priorities in life. i've seen it happen to some people, really. and gotta tell, i was shocked at the extent.

anyway, i probably have said too much... sorry... but i think what satovic has shared makes a lot of sense. everything in moderation. of course, he'll be in our hearts, our minds, our thoughts... but we don't have to spend all our waking moment doing things that revolve around him. so satovic may have done something that would set people thinking, and hopefully 'free' them from their pcs or whatsoever :p

and i'm so so so so so glad satovic's not leaving us.

flowerbossa said...


Sorry I could not answer your question for a long time, but satovic herself needed some time to sort things out.

Like you say, in the end, I think she and the staff came up with the best solution. Needless to say, some of us were quite shocked to know that she would even CONSIDER closing the site, but when you are the owner, a lot of work and responsibility comes with the territory. We really have to be grateful for people like satovic and Joanne who give so much of their time and effort towards maintaining such a big site.

So, let's see what happens tomorrow!

jaime said...

What a great idea! Agree with bb, everything in moderation, but so hard to put in practice when it comes to BYJ. Especially for a new fan, there are the last 12 years of his works and news to catch up on. All the websites, blogs and fellow sisters to get familiarize with. We are lucky that he's taking it soooo slow that we have a lot of breathing space in between his works.

Yup, he's not a real person in my life, so I have to take care of business around me first. Satovic made such a wise decision to allow everyone to 'rest' before the big storm of Legend sweep us away. If I cannot tear my mind away from thinking about him, at least I can impose some physical control like time limit or computer/TV access. Haha, I do it just the other way : weekdays for him, evenings & weekend for my family.

bb said...

yea... flowerbossa, you're right... when you run a site, you can't really have 'off days', coz people will be posting everyday and at all times of the day too. so the pple responsible for the site and for each section in the site have to practically read every single posting... to respond so that the site is 'alive', or to 'moderate' if posting is too 'whatever', or to delete or PM the fellow if the posting is out of line... or whatever... and they have to contribute to the contents as well. to repost pictures, news, vods, sometimes even translation and stuff... in all honestly, most people underestimate the amount of work that goes into a good fan site.

if any of the above that i've mentioned is not done or not done well, you get a substandard site, or a site that's without life. it's really not that easy. i've been managing two sections of loveyongjoon for over a couple of years now, and let me share, it is not as easy as it looks... that's why i'm always terribly respectful of what people like satovic does. and i can understand what she means when she said it's left her with too little time to do what used to matter so much more, or used to occupy more of her time in the pre-byj days :p

anyhow, can pls pls pls send her my love? i hope to make a trip to tokyo in mar/apr next year... maybe i'll get to see you ladies again then :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, flowerbossa.

Thank you for the translation. Like I said before, I sometimes go to the BSJ site to look at pictures.

But, satovic's posting caught my attention and I read though the translation website. I understood a little.
Your translation helped me to understand. I hope, and believe, her decision will make Japanese family support wuri yong joon nim more and longer.

And I have a question. I read her new posting. Did she mean Manger Yang resigned from BOF? I hope I misunderstood.

Take care,


flowerbossa said...


Yes, I think satovic helped many of us, too. Now, we can all say,
"thank God it's Friday!"
True to her word, she opened the site early this morning.
She seems to be very busy with her ayurveda work.

flowerbossa said...

bb, hi.

It' really amazing that you have contributed to your site all this time. You girls are so patient! I'm sure many of the members are grateful for what you have been doing to keep the site alive. You should be proud of yourself!

SOO, I was wondering when you will be able to make it here next.
Aiming for the cherry blossoms, again? I really look forward to seeing you, and I passed your message to satovic. Do let us know when your plans are concrete♪

flowerbossa said...

Hello suehan!

Yes, I had you in mind when I was translating that posting. Satovic saw your comment, and she mentioned that she was very grateful.

I am happy to tell you that the "news" concrning wuri Yang proved to be false! relief...
It seems that he has taken another position in the company (a promotion) so maybe he will not be seen with YJ as often. (which is too bad!)

Hope you continue to come visit us at BSJ.