Feb 14, 2011

Herb and Dorothy Talk Through Skype at Aoyama Gakuin University

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

The movie "Herb & Dorothy" has become a big hit in Japan.
Just by coincidence, I saw this wonderful movie on November 22 last year.

November 22 in Japan is known by some as "Good Married Couple Day" -
because the numbers 1122 can be pronunced "Ii fufu (a good married couple).

On this day, Herb and Dorothy participated in an interactive LIVE talk show held at Aoyama Gakuin University located near the movie theater. Through a skype connection, the couple talked about their encounter with director Megumi Sasaki (who served as the MC/interpreter of the show), how the movie became a reality, art, AND their ideas on "a good married couple" etc.

(They appear in the video around 9 minutes 22 seconds.)

With a special appearance by their cat Archie!

Director Megumi Sasaki
(photo source: Yomiuri Online)

Herb and Dorothy, WE LOVE YOU!


Hyds said...

Hi Flowerbossa!
What a very interesting couple..It's amazing how they both shared the same passion. I'd like to see more of what they have collected though. It's fascinating.
Hope you have a lovely day.

flowerbossa said...

Hello hyds,

They are one amazing couple indeed^^

DO see the movie if you haven't done so already. Pallet and I truly enjoyed it-it was probably the best film I saw last year!

As for their collection:

check out this site to view just some of the works they collected.


and the National Gallery of Art site has a lot of info too:


Happy Valentine's Day!


Ida said...

Dear Flowerbossa,
Thank you for sharing about Herb & Dorothy. Amazing couple.

oh, And Happy Valentine's Day!

flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

I hope you had a happy Valentine's Day!

Herb and Dorothy, they are an amazing, and HAPPY couple^^


Hyds said...

Thanks I will do..