Feb 3, 2011

A Promising and Charming Guitarist

I was lucky to catch this promising guitarist on the FM radio this morning.
A great way to start the lunar new year!

Classical Guitarist
Kyu-Hee Park (
박규희 / 朴葵姫)

Kyu-Hee Park appeared in the "Morning Lounge" section on J-Wave's "Tokyo Morning Radio" .
Her live performance of Francisco Tarrega's "Recuerdos dela Alhambra" was most inspiring.

@ the J-Wave studio with navigator Sean K (source J-wave)

She explained that "Sueno" means "dream"

Born in Incheon city, Kyu-Hee Park started to study guitar when she was 3 years old. She won the first prize in “youth” of the National Korean Guitar Competition when she was 9 , and in 2004, she started to study in the Tokyo College of Music. She was taught by Shin-ichi Fukuda and Kiyoshi Syomura who are leading Japanese classical guitarists. She participated in an opera-tour which was conducted by Maestro Seiji Ozawa.She is also a recipient of many international guitar competitions, such as the 2008 Printemps de la Guitare international competition 1st prize (She was the first female as well as the first Asian guitarist to win 1st prize), 2009 Ligita international guitar competition (1st prize), and the 2010 Agustin Barrios International Guitar Competition 1st prize.

She took part in the “Guitar Festa” in Hakuju Hall, Tokyo, 2009 which was a big success. Her highly acclaimed first CD in Japan (July, 2010) “Sueno” sold extraordinarily well as a CD for classical guitar. She has been studying in Vienna Music University with Alvaro Pierri.

(soure:official profile from her agency)

The young artist's current dream is to collaborate with Maestro Seiji Ozawa as a soloist.

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Happy Lunar New Year!


Shinji said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Honto ni arigato for sharing this! ^^

I didn't know her and usually, when you think on classic guitarrists, maybe it comes to the mind names like de Lucia, Williams, Yamashita... all of them aged and mid aged men, which have many years playing the guitar wonderfully, so see this young and charming girl playing like this... it's simply amazing. Of course, I'm not comparing her with them, it's only I think she is a great breath of fresh air ^^

If you are interested in her album, it can be purchased through CDJapan/Neowing, in case you can't find it in stores.

Also thank you for sharing your memories of the Charity Concert, seems it was a nice night and if you know that your money goes for a good cause, that makes it even more enjoyable ^^

Best regards,


flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa Shinji-san,

Hai, I was amazed by this new talented artist too! There is a young famous Japanese guitarist named Kaori Muraji who I like very much, but I thought Kyu Hee Park is definitely another artist to look out for.

Not surprisingly, the recital she mentioned in the radio program had already sold out^^

Have a nice weekend!