Feb 22, 2011

Seikyo Kim on Twitter from Belgium♪

(photo source: townnews.co.jp Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Midori-ku Edition)

Conductor Seikyo Kim (金聖響、김성향)is presently in Belgium and will begin rehearsing for the February subscription concert of the Flanders Symphony Orchestra. Concerts will be held from February 26 to March 1. He hopes everybody passing through Belgium will join them at the concert hall^^

The program will include, F.Mendelssohn's Symphony No.1, P. Hindemith's Concerto for Orchestra, and J. Brahms's Symphony No.4.


2010/11 will be the maestro's first season as Principal Conductor of the Symfonieorkest van Vlaanderen (Flanders Symphony Orchestra) in Bruges, Belgium. One of Japan’s leading young conductors, he will also enter the second season of his tenures as Principal Conductor of the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra in Yokohama, and Artistic Partner of the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.

Seikyo Kim received high praise from a sellout crowd for his performance of Mahler's Symphony No.5 on Feb 19. Celebrating the centennial of Mahler's death, he will continue with his challenges on the Mahler symphony cycle with the Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra. He asserts that this would be a wonderful opportunity to experience the legacy Gustav Mahler left for us. The conductor's conviction is that by going to live performances and feeling the acoustic pressure, we are better able to perceive the essence of his music. The world of Mahler is not something to be appreciated just by listening to it, but rather by experiencing it.

The Kanagawa Philharmonic offers open rehearsals, so it is a real treat for us to be able to witness the process of music making!

Also, the maestro commented in his blog that he is happy to be able to spend more time with his orchestra in Belgium, and after the performances in Feb~March, he will be performing Berlioz's Symphony Fantastique with them in May. He loves Belgium for its delicious food and gentle people.

(With all that said...)

he confessed in his latest tweet that he was jet lagged and woke up 3 in the morning unable to fall back to sleep...

Seikyo-nim, fighting!!


Shinji said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Is all OK for you? I hope so ^^

Thank you for the article!

I'm really glad for his success in Belgium, I hope little by little he can gain more recognition along all Europe. Could you imagine him in a few years conducting, for example, at the BBC Proms or at the big European halls? That would be awesome, but for the moment I'd settle for him to come here, haha ^^

BTW, reading his thoughts about Belgium, there's a Belgian volleyball player currently playing for Toray Arrows, Liesbet Vindevoghel, and I find curious and amusing that Seikyo-san has the same thoughts that her about the country.

Of course, I wish all the best for him with his orchestras and his Mahler cycle. Ganbare!

Best regards,


flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa Shinji-san,

He mentioned in his latest tweet that the first day of rehearsal with the orchestra was great^^ The lucky audience can expect a wonderful concert this weekend!

So you watch volleyball TOO!
(what DON'T you watch may I ask?)
A good friend of mine works for Toray (he works in Taiwan right now) so I'll ask him about Liesbet sometime!

BTW, my son's piano recital was held in a hall right next to the Nissan Stadium. I thought about you^^


Shinji said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Sorry for late reply. I haven't a Twitter, mainly because I know that if I had one, I wouldn't use it ^^; You can see the amount of things I usually post in my blog, so imagine how many things I could post in a Twitter ^^; However, I'm really glad that little by little Maestro will posting more stuff in English.

YES, I also watch volleyball! Haha, I've laughed so much with the way you say that ^^ The funny thing is that several years ago, I used to hate it due to a PE teacher I had, he was obsessed with volleyball and he wanted to play always...

Fortunately, some years ago I saw Kaoru Sugayama and I started to like it. For sympathy with her I followed JT, but since she retired and became into a beach volley player, I haven't a favourite team. Though currently most players that I like play for Toray, so yes, technically you could say I'm an Arrows fan. Of course, I always support Nippon too! ^^

Also here, specifically in the island where I live, Tenerife, there are two of the best women teams from Spain, so I always try to cheer them. Even in one of them there was a Japanese player until last year, Chie Yoshizawa.

Oh... so your son plays the piano! How it was the recital? I hope he did well and thank you for remember me, those things always make my day ^///^

Hope you're having a good weekend.

Best regards,

PS: you're right, there are very few things I DON'T watch :P

flowerbossa said...

Dear Shinji-san,

Here's a photo of happy maestro after a successful concert-


And a photo of NISSAN STADIUM I took on the day of my son's recital
(thank you for asking about it - let's say he was no Ashkenazy but it was good that he enjoyed playing on the Steinway^^)


AND arigato for the update on Japanese volleyball! Unfortunately, I haven't been following up on the sport recently, but I'm happy to hear that a Japanese player was in one of your teams!