Feb 24, 2011

BYJ is an Cultural Revolutionist Says Gackt

Gackt's donation for auction:
His beloved custom red Pontiac Firebird Trans Am
Final bid 6,015,000 yen!

I met BYJ for the first time in this charity event. I thought he was an interesting person. He’s someone who knows his position really well and also very serious.

He came up to me and said something like, “I’m happy to see you. Since I don’t have any free time in during this stay, I hope we can go out to eat or something when I come here in the future.”

I like BYJ. I think his social contribution and accomplishments deserves more recognition.

Just until recently, there was discrimination against Koreans. Discrimination existed toward Japanese Koreans too. That’s just a fact. I have a lot of Korean friends, so I know how things are.

Both the Japanese and Korean government tried to mitigate the deeply rooted prejudice over decades and nothing really worked, but BYJ turned this over in just one year. This is the power of culture. It’s something that government and politics is unable to achieve.

What’s more, it changed the attitude of the people in the age group of 50 to 70 dramatically. All at once, he changed the people’s way of seeing Japanese Koreans, and the Korean people’s position in society changed too.

In a way, he is a revolutionist. A revolutionist of a cultural revolution. He should be more respected for that. That’s what I think.

The aura he emanates is not that of an actor. If anything it’s more in the nature of an artist. He has the qualities and aura close to a rock artist. I felt that the moment I met him.

His aura is suppressed when he is in a suit, but when he came into the Tokyo Dome, he was dressed more casually. He was wearing a long knit coat, with slim pants tucked into boots. That’s when I felt it. He’s a rock artist. I was taken aback, and in a way, I was moved.

(Gackt in his interview for the magazine “Josei Jishin” Dec edition)

Songs Gackt sang at the Hohoemi Event


“Kimino tameni dekirukoto” (What I Can Do For You)


“December Love Song”

His message for the event (spoken during his performance):

Everyone, please listen.
Every one of us has the right to have a dream.
Every one of us has the possibility to fulfill that dream.

That is how our future should be, and as one artist, and also as one adult, I came here today to encourage as many children as I can to make it happen.
You all feel the same way right?

For the children walking in the future, let’s do something together, no matter how small!

There are lots of things we can’t do alone.
But with a small chance like today, people like you have come here to start something, right?
Let’s start here!
Let’s start something together!

Gackt in his role as Kenshin Uesugi(a famous warlord in the 16th century)
in the NHK historical drama "Furinkazan 風林火山(Wind,Forest,Fire and Mountain ")


Anonymous said...

Interesting article Flowerbossa.
Could you tell me a little about this Gackt? Is that his artist name?
Compared to BYJ has he any similar story as BYJ?

flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

Thank you for taking interest in this post.

I have to admit I know little of Gackt himself other than the fact that he is a multi-talented artist with a wide range of fans. A friend of mine adores him and goes to his concerts.

One thing I DO know that he is a perfectionist, and if anything, that would be something he and BYJ have in common^^ And he seems to have great sympathy for underprivileged children.

There is TONS of info on him on the net (because he is involved in so much!)so check it out if you are interested.

official profile in English:


Take care^^


Anonymous said...

Thank you for directing me to more information.


flowerbossa said...

You're welcome Ida!

Have a nice day^^


Empress CaTeA said...

to think that Gackt-sama n Yong Joon-sama have similar personality...(not to mention i love them both) is juse awesome!! ^^

flowerbossa said...

Hello Empress CaTeA,

Hi! Thanks for coming over to my blog! So you liked them both!
I didn't know much about GACKT before, but I'm discovering that he's an amazinging guy^^

Have a nice day!