Mar 1, 2011


My favorite girl!
The very talented IU~!
Love her voice!


Hyds said...

Hi Flowerbossa!
How are you? I like IU too.I think she's very sweet young talenteda and pretty. Have a nice weekend.


Hyds said...
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flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

I'm glad you agree with me!

I remember reading that she was really attracted to BYJ when she saw him on the set. She loved his looks as well as his voice!
You have good taste IU!

I'm sure she's made a lot of fans with this show.

She was just as sweet when she was "plump", don't you think?
Jason has an eye for girls~^^

Hope to see more of her in the future!


Shinji said...

Dear flowerbossa,

THANKS! Many, many thanks! ^^

I didn't know about her and frankly, since CSJH/Tenjochiki are in a long hiatus, I was starting to think that maybe I would not find any interesting KPop singer in a long time, only those girl and boy bands cloned from each other (sorry if you like any, but I think in that way ^^;).

This girl has it all, a really beautiful and clean voice, powerful vocals, she dances pretty good and add that she's so sweet and cute. You can't ask for more! I think it will not take too long until I become a fan of hers.


yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I have not left a message here for a while, hope you are all well.

I like IU too, and I actually missed plumpy IU a lot when she first surprised Jason by turning into a slim beautiful young girl. The fact she addmits she was really attacked to wuri Yong Joon makes me love her even more.


flowerbossa said...

Konnichiwa Shinji-san,

I'm glad you like IU!
My son listened to her voice and liked her a lot too! (Although not enough to diminish his passion for AKB48^^;)

Yes, I too find that most of the k-pop idols are really "good" at what they do, but I have difficulties in distinguishing them...^^

IU seems promising as an actress as well, so hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of her in the future!


flowerbossa said...

Hello Yudi!

So good to hear from you!
Any signs of spring yet in Calgary?
For us, we had been enjoying the plum blossoms, and though we are still having some cold days, we should be seeing those beautiful cherry blossoms in about 3 weeks!

Yes, it brought a smile to my face too when I read IU's comment on wuri Yong Joon-ssi...
Even with all those cute young guys on the set (like her Jason^^) she was still attracted to the Director~(o^∀^o)
(BTW, Jason and Jin Guk are in town with his group 2 pm!)

I'm sure you were disappointed to hear about the closing of GOSIREH. It was good that you were able see his beautiful restaurant when you were here.

Take care now!