Mar 30, 2011

O Rei Dança!

(photo of Kazuyoshi Miura from Mainichi Shimbun)

Obrigada King Kazu!


Charity Football Match for Japan

Japan’s National Team (Samurai Blue) vs J. League All-Stars
March 29 March@Osaka Nagai Stadium


Shinji said...

Oh... Genuine King Kazu style!

Thank you flowerbossa for all these posts during these days, it's so nice to see how the people, in their own way, want to help the others ^^

BTW, How have you been? It's all OK? I hope so.



flowerbossa said...

Konbanwa, Shinji-san,

Arigato, we are genki^^

It's hard to believe I saw Kazu play at J-League's kickoff match 17 years ago... and he was at his best yesterday!

Former team-mates Shoji Jo (Japan) and Satoshi Tsunami (Verdi)were broadcasting the match and they were really in awe of him...

I hope to go see him play on his own team Yokohama FC again!