Mar 26, 2011

Children of Iwate Singing "Higher Than the Sky"

"I found my school bag!" A first grader of Ishimaki city in Miyagi prefecture had evacuated from the classroom empty handed. He returned to the muddy classroom on the 24th for the end of school year ceremony.
(From Asahi Shimbun March 24,2011 edition)

A nursery school teacher of Ninohe city in Iwate prefecture, sent a recording of her children singing Toshihiko Shinzawa and Hirotaka Nakagawa's song "Higher Than the Sky". The children wanted to cheer the people up in the devastated areas. The song is being played on a radio station in Iwate (IBC)many times a day, and people are calling in to say that their voices give them a lot of power. The song writers Shinzawa-san and Nakagawa-san were interviewed by the station the other day to give their comments.

Introduction by a little boy:
".... many people helpled us. We are small, and can't do anything, but we will sing a song. Please listen to us. "Higher Than the Sky"
(Ninohe was also hit by the earthquake but not as bad as other areas.)

Higher Than the Sky
Words: Toshihiko Shinzawa
Music: Hirotaka Nakagawa/ Scottish Folk Song

People have hearts that are higher than the sky
Higher than any sky
So don’t give up saying it’s all over
Wipe your tears
And try to sing
Your heart, be high
Be higher, higher than the sky

People have hearts that are deeper than the sea
Deeper than any sea
So don’t turn your back
Saying you’re fed up
Fix your eyes on it
And believe
Your heart be deep
Be deeper, deeper than the sea

So don’t give up
Saying that it’s all over
Wipe your tears
And try to sing
Your heart, be big
Be bigger, bigger than the sky
Your heart, be strong
Be stronger, stronger than the sea

(translated by:flowerbossa)

BYJ kajoku will probably remember that Morioka city in Iwate prefecture is where BYJ stayed to learn lacquer art.


gosijo said...

This song definitely gives the old tearducts a workout. The boundless energy of the children truly makes one believe that anything is possible. Very inspiring!

flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo-san,

A Japanese sister (who by the way "knows" you as she was with saita-nim when you came to Tokyo Dome) introduced this story on Yong Joon-ssi's JOB and many kajok listened to the song - and not surprisingly, reacted in the same way...

Indeed the children inspire us and give us the courage to move forward^^


Anonymous said...

BTW the sister who introduced this story on JOB is Chiisakihanano(小さき花の)♪


gosijo said...

Thank you for her name, flowerbossa-san. I wondered...

flowerbossa said...