Mar 20, 2011

Zaccheroni's Samurai Blue will Not Give Up!

Zaccheroni intends to be back in Japan for charity match
Thursday 17th March, 02:01 AM JST

Japan coach Alberto Zaccheroni intends to return to the quake-hit country in time for a charity match on March 29 in Osaka, Japan Football Association technical director Hiromi Hara said Wednesday. ‘‘We see this charity match as the first activity to support the people in the affected areas,’’ Zaccheroni said in a statement. ‘‘We hope to encourage them even a little bit.’‘

Zaccheroni flew to Italy with his four assistants to reassure their families of their safety, a day after Friday’s devastating earthquake in northeastern Japan.

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The coach of Japan's national team spoke to Italy's "Il Resto del Carlino".

I have a strong desire to return to Japan to help the people of Japan through football. That is my job. I am convinced that football can contribute to the recovery of the country.

In the seven months I have known the Japanese, I have remained conquered by their sense of duty, by their spirit of sacrifice, by their dignity.

I am not a hero. They are in anxiety and I am very worried. But I want to help these people.

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