Mar 12, 2011

Thank you everyone! March 13 Sun Update

March 13, 2011 Sun

Once again thank you all for your kind and thoughtful messages!
Two days have passed and I can only say that I am thankful that my family is safe, but when I see and hear of the sheer magnitude of disaster, it breaks my heart. We still can’t get in touch with some BYJ family, and it is making us very anxious.

But as usual, wuri satovic gives us a wonderful remedy…
(from her ayurveda newsletter, translated with her permission.)

My mother’s hometown is a village on the Sanriku Ria Coast (deeply indented coastline) in Iwate Prefecture, and I cannot get in touch with my dear aunt and uncle. I wish I could fly to them with some warm food but that’s impossible just now.

The only thing we can do at this time is to pray.
Prayer should give us strength. We can pray in any way and in any language but here I would like to bring to you a beautiful Sanskrit mantra.

Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha  May all be happy.
Sarve Santu Niraamayaaha  May all be free from disabilities.
Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu  May all look to the good of others
Maa Kaschit Dukhkha bhaakbhavet  May none suffer from sorrow


March 12, 2011 Sat

Thank you all very much for your warm messages!

Just to let you know my family is fine- yes pallet too!

I exchanged messages with BYJ family Cloud nine, tomato and kiyomi-san last night and they were OKAY too.

I can only hope that the effects of this disaster can be kept to the minimum, and that our BYJ family in the Tohoku area are safe.

I will let you know when I have more news.

Thank you, arigato, merci and kamsahamnida for your concern!!


P.S. And yes, wuri satovic is fine! Active as usual trying to help those around her!


Shinji said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I'm glad you and yours are fine ^^ I also received your e-mail, so thank you for your reply too.

Hoping for your updates, receive my best regards,


jaime said...

dear flowerbossa and pallet,

I am glad to hear that both you and your families are doing ok. Please stay safe and will be praying for you sisters.

love .... jaime

myoce said...

Dear Flowebossa,

So relieved to hear that you and your family and Pallet too are all safe, and I'm happy to know other Japanese Baefamily are okay.

Stay safe and take care !


bb said...

mianeyo, i'm late... so happy (and relieved) to hear you ladies are OK. was glued to twitter whole afternoon following the updates and checking if phone lines were up...

the news updates that were flowing out were so scary, with burning buildings, smoke everywhere, houses and cars in water... then later, i heard about no electricity, no gas, no trains... which means many were stuck and could not even go home... and how many restaurants were out of food... gosh, it was so scary! and so scary coz it felt so real and so near coz we actually know the people living in japan, friends like yourself... so worried you know...?!

satovic is back in japan? ah, good to hear everyone's safe and sound. (i'd dropped you an email, it's alright, no need to reply since i now know you're OK ^^ please take care)


Anonymous said...

So happy that you are safe. It's hard to understand the magnitude of the earthquake and what has happened over there.

Take care

yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I am so glad to know that you, your family, Pallet and some other familiar (by name) sisters are doing ok. Will keep on praying for you sisters, please take care.


yokee said...

i am really really glad to hear that and thank u so much for the update.

take good care and my regards to all..

Anonymous said...

My dear Flowerbossa

Since I received your mail, I come here often to look for your upddates. News coming from Japan are more and more terrible, the only thing we can do now is to pray for all of you and for your safety.
Courage mon amie.

Anonymous said...

Dear flowerbossa-san,

Here's adding my prayers to everyone else's. Thanks for your updates. Much, much appreciated!


LENY said...

Thanks to hear that you're safe and our other Bae sisters, Praise the Lord. And more prayers for the survivor and casualties.Hope they can recover soon.

Haven't heard from my sister too in Japan. But I think she's okay because she's in Sasebo part.Unlike the father of my children in Iwate, too, though we're separated already, still we're worry for him. Hope he's okay too.


flowerbossa said...

Hello everyone, many thanks for your warm messages!

Shinji-san, hope you enjoy my update on the maestro^^

Jaime,I'm sorry you are not here, but at the same time I'm RELIEVED you are not^^

myoce, thank you for always thinking of us!

bb,sorry about the mix-up with my e-mail address... I've now received all of your mail and I was very touched by your post on the UNOFFICIAL site!

Ida, I don't know if you ever experience earthquakes in Sweden, but I sincerely hope you never will!

Yes, we're being updated on the "missing" family and I pretty much confirmed that the sisters I know are safeヽ(^-^ )/

Yokee,it's been awhile! So nice of you to drop by and thank you for your warm message!

gosijo, pallet had a pretty crazy day on the day of the earthquake...but we are thankful that we are all safe.

Leny, like you say, I am quite your sister is safe as Sasebo is quite far away and on another island. I do hope your ex-husband is safe too.

Take care, everyone!


Ida said...

Dear Flowerbossa
Actually we have experienced (very) minor earthquakes here in Sweden but they are but a "tremble" compared to earthquakes in the rest of the world. Many years ago there was a note in the local newspaper that some shaking had occurred in a nearby village and things fallen off a shelf in a house, but they didn't know it was an earthquake until the newspaper told about it.

flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

Lucky you!
We had a major "TREMBLE" this morning again which woke us right up^^;