Mar 25, 2011

Jane Birkin Sends Her Love on Japanese FM Radio J-Wave (amended)

Mar 25 (FRI)

French artist Jane Birkin was just on Japanese radio.
She had requested to give her message to the Japanese people on Japanese FM Radio J-WAVE. (navigator Jon Kabira)

(I will summarize the first part:

Q:Where were you when you heard about the earthquake?

I was home and heard it on TV, it was the most horrifying and shocking thing I'd seen in my life. I couldn't believe it.
My kids and friends called me immediately.
I watched the news all night long.
I have known Japan for almost 20 years, and I had performed in Sendai before.
I couldn't believe what was happening in Fukushima, horrifying , shocking
(repeats her self).

The next morning I went to a Japanese restaurant in Paris because I wanted to see the Japanese people. I have never kissed so many Japanese people in my life...
It hurt me to see the Japanese in Paris worry about their families at home.
Fortunately my friends' families were safe, but it still hurt to think about the others.

Worried, I sent out e-mails to my friends in Tokyo.

The 50 heroes in Fukushima who were exposed to radiation...

Mothers searching for their children, people searching for their loved ones....
The 9500 people who have died...

You people are so brave....
the dignity...
calm, consideration towards others....

We are witnessing the best of Japanese people.

I think everyone is in accord that they have never seen a country that behaved so beautifully towards people who were there.


Q: I hear you are planning to take action to aid the stricken ones. What are your ideas?

I am planning a solidarity on April 12 with some artists.
And gave my handbag up for charity and asked EMI to put it online.
And I have been asking people to donate to the red cross.
I'm thinking about the best way to send the money.
I will also be doing a charity concert on May 31 in Paris.
Everybody wants to participate.

From here, transcribed from podcast recording:

(May I ask for a message to the Japanese people?
Some of the stricken ones will be able to hear this through internet radio or community FM.)

Can I say how much we love you,
how much we admire you for the lesson you've given us in Europe and the world in how you have handled this.

I think “LOVE” is the greatest word I can say to you tonight, or rather this morning for you.
If there is anything we can do to help…
If it helps at all to let you know we are thinking about you and have been thinking about you ever since this happened, then know that our thoughts and love and also our admiration. For the people up north, I just hope I can get enough money so that you have things to cover you and keep you warm. But in the meantime, keep yourself warm with LOVE, the love that is coming from everyone here in France and England and everyone who loves you so much and admires you so much.

And the brave heroes, the 50 heroes who are in the nuclear power plant center, we are so astounded by such extraordinary behavior, such courage and your courage.

And what can I say to the people who lost their families, their entire families…
Apart from sending love, affection, and any sweet thoughts that I can give you tonight, or morning for you…

Or from the whole world…I am here with my best friend Gabriel and from London, Paris and all over Europe our greatest, greatest, love… and my love to Sashiko (and a few other names) and my love to all the people I’ve known in any concert, all the people I’ll never get to know…
I would love to come back as soon as possible to be able to sing with you, to be with you.
That would be the greatest privilege to be with you again.

Kabira: Thank you very much Ms. Birkin, for your time and warm message.

B: Thank you, thank YOU for the honor of being able to talk to you. Arigato.

K: Arigatogozaimashita. Thank you very much.

B: Thank you, thank you. Bless you, bless you…

K: And more blessings to you too. Thank you very much and good night.

B: Thank you…


gosijo said...

A particularly touching message. Thanks for sharing, flowerbossa-san.

Yes, in addition to love and affection for Japan the rest of the world is also full of admiration.


flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo-san,

It means so much to us that all of you are with us in spirit.