Mar 6, 2011

That Fool♪

One of the best dramas of all time!
Hwang Jung Min will make you laugh,cry and restore your faith in humanity...
A modern Chaplin...

And the beautiful song (composed by Japanese composer Ryoki Matsumoto) sung by Lena Park adds the perfect spark to the drama!

Another wonderful surprise:
Japanese singer/composer Ayaka Hirahara participated too, by singing the Korean rendition of her song 「感謝 감사」(Gratitude).  

Original Title:cEnglish: While I Was Looking(That Fool)/aka Accidental Couple
Japanese: アクシデンタル・カップル


Shinji said...

Today is for give thanks ^^

This has been a great surprise for me! I'm a Lena fan for several years (since 2002) and liking "Gold" in both versions Japanese and English, I didn't know there was a Korean version too. So thanks again for show it ^^

Regarding the drama, I haven't seen it, but if I find it with English subs, maybe I will take a look.

I hope you're having a good weekend!


PS: also thank you for the pics you showed me on your comment at Maestro Kim post.

flowerbossa said...

Dear Shinji-san,

Ha ha ha, you enlighten me again with your broad knowledge ^^

I had NO idea that this song existed before the drama, and neither did I know that Lena Park was singing it. I'm ashamed to say that I've never really sat down to listen to her songs (although I'm sure I had been listening to her all along without realizing it.)
She is a true artist!
I just listened to her version of "You Raise Me Up" and it blew me away!

And DO make time to see the drama, you won't regret it. I think you can find it pretty easily on the net.


p.s. Maestro Kim is back safe and sound (jet lagged again^^)
Seems he went to Paris after his tour in Belgium.