Mar 15, 2011

Taro Hakase Charity Concert in Aid of Japan Earthquake Disaster@LONDON MITSUKOSHI

Taro Hakase will be holding a charity concert@ Sloane Square Cadogan Hall (London)
Details to be announced!


Ida said...

Dear Flowerbossa,

Aside from the topic: Do you know where Suehan as in suehan's blog is?
Is she Japanese? I don't know anything about her but she has always had the latest news and been the first to write about new things happening to BYJ as well as other news and now there is no post since Mars the 6th. Don't know who to ask but thought of you


Anonymous said...

Dear Flowerbossa,
Never mind my question. Somehow I got the thought that she was affected by the earthquake. But from her blog I can see she is alright (I hope).
It's strange how totally unknown people you have never met becomes important to know that they are well.
They interviewed Swedish school kids on TV the other day and they were very concerned about how the Japanese people were doing. If they had food and shelter and if there were children missing their parents. They were ten years old and had many serious questions that ten year old kids normally don't have. People care in times of need and that shows some hope for the human race

flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

I'm glad suehan has updated her blog! Perhaps she was just busy... I hope so!

Yes, I can understand what you mean by how you come to care about people you don't know in person.
I feel very close to you too, and I always appreciate your warm comments^^

And I was very touched by the reaction of the children in your country. It proves they have been brought up in a warm and loving atmosphere to be able to empathize with others, especially with those in pain. I wish I could say that all the Japanese children are safe, but of course you know how it is... we can only pray that we can help as many of them as we can.