Apr 12, 2011

Aigo! Bobby Kim Injured!

Praying for your speedy recovery from the bottom of my heart ...

Bobby Kim injures his spine and thorax after falling 4 meters

April 12, 2011

Bobby Kim is in the hospital recovering from a dangerous 4 meter fall that resulted in an injury on his spine and thorax.

The singer reportedly fell down the stairs while returning from the second floor bathroom of a bar on April 4th. He was directly transported to a hospital.

On April 8th, he completed his physical examinations and his doctor said, “His 5th and 7th vertebrae have been broken, as well as his ribs. He is expressing deep pain in his thorax. While his 5th vertebrae has been pressed down, about 2 millimeters of bone has been broken, thus requiring another examination.”

He added, “The 5th vertebrae is especially important. Even if it does not seem to be injured, Bobby Kim cannot return to his normal activities for at least 2 months. In the worst case scenario, he could be paralyzed waist down if the bone fragment touches his spinal cord.”

Bobby Kim’s agency stated, “We may have to cancel’s Bobby Kim’s schedule for 2 months according to the advice of the doctor. We are going to do whatever it takes for Bobby Kim to recover fully.”

The singer put a halt on all of his activities, including his national concert tour which he successfully started last month.

Source: Newsen via Nate

Bobby with IU

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