Apr 16, 2011

Kim Hyun Jung Returns! Playful Kiss Charity Event

Playful Kiss Premium Talkshow & Live in Osaka

May 3 (Tuesday, public holiday)@ Grand Cube Osaka

Matinee Show: Doors open 1PM
Night Show: Doors open 5:30PM
Duration: 2 hours
Ticket price: 9,800 yen

Cast: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Somin


Anonymous said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I'm happy for some sisters, who were really disappointed when Playfull Kiss event at NHK Hall was called off. I'm going to Saitama Arena for 'Prince Yul' Kim John Hoon's concert/fan meeting, which was postponed to May. In spite of their domestic fans' concerns, I'm glad that many K-pop singers and groups are coming to Japan.

As for 'Ameni mo makezu' poem, I joined the project of filming the poem being read (in English) by various groups to make a 'video-collage' to post on YouTube for fundraising purpose.

I'm not sure whether you know that I'm teaching at an English school founded by our senior at college, Yoko Narahashi. (Yoko is now rather famous as a casting director of some Hollywood movies. She tought English to Ken Watanabe.)

The idea was brought by the president (and co-founder) of our school and several educational theatre groups that work with MLS (our school) in U.S., U.K., Canada will also join the project. I will let you know when it is ready.

cloud nine

flowerbossa said...

Cloud nine-unni,

I hope you've been well!

I am happy for my chingus to hear that Rida has decided to come back for the event too! Hopefully they can reschedule the event to be held in Tokyo someday...

So you are going to John-Hoon's concert - I've never seen him in anything besides "Goong" but I think he's a great singer! Please enjoy^^

Yes, I know that you teach at the school MLS (Model Language Studio)founded by Yoko Narahashi-senpei (sonbei^^). I had friends working there, and I know it's a great school!

Actually Yoko-san has been a familiar name to me since high school... I think my first encounter with her was when I went to see the musical "HAIR" produced by her(Saburo Tokito played the lead).

Then, during my college days, I went to the office of her theater group UPS (now a big company as you know^^) to ask to see the collection of scripts they had there. I remember saying hello to Yoko-san. She was always a very spunky lady!

A few of my friends participated in her UPS productions too.

I'm so excited to hear about the "Ameni mo makezu" project! What a wonderful idea! Please let me know when it is uploaded on youtube, OK?

Please take care!


flowerbossa said...


Wuri sister sirius-san (who is originally from Sendai, Miyagi)will be participating in a charity concert at CARNEGIE HALL, NY!

Will blog about it soon, so pls come by again^^