Apr 2, 2011

Love to Japan from Paris!

For more information:http://tsunamietdemain.tumblr.com/

Pierre Barouh singing "Samba Saravah"
in one of my favorite films of all time "Un Homme et Une Femme"

Participating Artists:
Martha Argerich
Ivry Gitlis
Akiko Ebi
Michael Guttman
Akane Sakai
Jun Kanno
Yasuko Mitsui

For more information:http://www.rivegauchemusique.fr/2010/09/12/test3/

Martha Argerich plays Tschaikovsky's Concerto No.1 with the students of Tokyo University of the Arts @the Beppu Argerich Music Festival in Oita Prefecture, April 2001

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