Apr 3, 2011

From onpu-san- Thank you Yong Joon-ssi and All BYJ Family!

Message from onpu-san-

We human beings are terribly helpless in front of natural disasters which occur out of the blue.
It is a reality that is too cruel to be put down as a test.
All I am able to do at this time is to accept this reality.
Yong Joon-ssi’s thoughtful, heartfelt warm message and the generous donation he made as an expression of his feelings…..
I cannot say how much they lifted our spirits!!!
And the kind, encouraging support and cooperation from BYJ family all around the world…
Your sympathic warm hearts give us much comfort and strength in this time of sorrow and suffering and we are thankful that you are lending us your hand.
A man cannot live alone.
When we think about each other and help one another, we will always be able to see the light.
We cannot go on grieving forever.
I too from this place would like to share the hurt and sorrow and continue to think about what I can do.
It shall take time, but I will not lose hope and move forward to recover and restore this country.
Yong Joon-ssi and BYJ family around the world, please continue to remember us in your prayers.
I hope the whole world will be at peace.
Arigato gozaimasu. Thank you very much.

2011 onpu

(English translation by flowerbossa)

갑자기 찾아온 자연재해 앞에는 우리 인간은 너무나 무력합니다.

시련이라고 하기엔 너무 비정한 현실

지금은 이 현실을 받아들이는 것이 고작입니다.

용준님의 사려깊고 마음 쓰신 따뜻한 메세지, 그에 동반되는 다대한 기부

저희들의 마음에 얼마나 용기를 주었을까요 !!

그리고 세계 여러나라의 모든 BYJ가족 여러분의 친절하고 마음 든든한 지원과 협력

피재의 슬픔, 고통을 동행해주시고 도와주시는 따뜻한 마음에 아주 믿음직해서 격려받고 있습니다.

얼마나 감사한지 말로 다 할 수는 없습니다.

사람은 혼자 살 수 없습니다.

남을 헤아리고 서로 도우면 반드시 희망의 빛이 보일 것입니다.

슬퍼하고만 있을 수 없습니다.

저도 이곳에서 괴로움과 슬픔을 서로 나누면서 자신이 할 수 있는 것은 무엇인가,,,를 생각해보고 싶습니다.

시간이 걸리지만 복구,부흥을 향해 꺽이지 않게 열심히 살아나가겠습니다.

용준님, 온 세계의 BYJ가족 여러분,

계속 기도하시고 기억해주시기를 부탁드립니다.

온 세상에 평안이 있기를,


(Japanese to Korean translation by chunsengyo-ssi, kamsahamnida!)


At this difficult time when she feels a rush of mixed emotions, onpu-san tells herself, I cannot move forward unless I regain strength… and this is the song she listens to to cheer herself on.

With her friend who became a victim of this disaster in her heart, she will go on thinking about the meaning of her own life as she has survived, though she does not have the answer right now. And she will pray for the tomorrow of the devastated areas.

This powerful song called “R” by the group Hi-Fi CAMP calls out to us to join hands and encourages each of us to do what we are capable of doing … the song’s lyrics beautifully overlaps with onpu-san’s own words…

And no wonder. Onpu-san’s son is a member of the band^^

Hi-Fi CAMP is an up and coming group based in Sendai. They are not only active with their own performance and recordings, but also write songs for other artists such as SMAP!

Hi-Fi CAMP's "This Moment, is Surely Not a Dream" performed by SMAP


gosijo said...

Dear onpu-san,

Thanks to flowerbossa-san's blog posts I can link hands with you all the way from Canada. My heart is filled with hope that you and all the people in Japan will overcome these adverse circumstances.


flowerbossa said...

(上記のgosijo さんからのメッセージの訳です)




onpu said...








onpu said...




flowerbossa said...


This is from onpu-san!


Dear gosijo-sama,

It's so good to see you here after such a long time.

Thank you for your prayers from Canada, I have gained much strength from it.
I will not let this get me down, and I will do my best.

Excuse me for replying to you in Japanese.


flowerbossa said...

Dear chunsengyo-nim

Thank you for the Korean translation.

I am very grateful for BYJ family's kindness.


(by flowerbossa)

gosijo said...

Dear onpu-nim,

I did not expect a reply! I am so touched that you would find the time...

Much love,


(Apologies I could not write in Japanese and thanks to flowerbossa-san for her two-way translations)

jaime said...

Thank you flowerbossa for posting onpu san's tweets and her message for us overseas sisters to read. I am grateful that she is ok, but empathize with the conditions in Tohoku. She shows strength and compassion in this ordeal which is so admirable. I truly pray for all the affected people and hope they can rebuild their homes soon.

I appreciate that you keep us aware of all the fundraising events around the world for Japan's relief. Please take care!

love .... Jaime

flowerbossa said...




Much love,


flowerbossa said...





flowerbossa: jaime さんはおととしまで数年間東京に住んでいらっしゃいました。「アニソナ」、「韓国の旅」イベントにも参加されています^^



flowerbossa said...

onpu さん、ごめんなさいjaimeさんが帰国されたのは去年でしたm(_ _)m


flowerbossa said...


Onpu-san also mentioned in her comment "I look forward to seeing you again(*^_^*)"

Mianeyo, for leaving that out!


gosijo said...

Ah, flowerbossa-san, how I'd love to see all the Japanese sisters again!

Is Onpu-nim thinking of a visit to Canada? That would be so lovely.

For my part going to Japan again is still at the wishful thinking stage - but who know in a few years?

flowerbossa said...

ア~、flowerbossa さん、日本のシスターズに会えたらどんなにいいでしょう!

Onpu-nim はカナダに来ることを考えているかしら?そうだったら本当に素敵なのに。