Sep 25, 2006

Actress Lim Sang Hyo

On playing a small part like Sujin in "April Snow"

- I did not have second thoughts about playing the part, as I had always liked Director Hur's films, and it was a good opportunity to act with my "face".
..... I am not saying that a beautiful face is important. It's just a vessel of expression. I also liked Sujin's presence that prevails throughout the film.

(From Brokore Magazine No.1, 2005)


tiffany said...

Thanks for the translation. ^^

She looks quite pretty in these photos though I didn't really find her so in AS. Maybe I was distracted by In Soo. haha!

flowerbossa said...


Yes, that's what I thought too, when I saw these photos!

Can't say I blame Insu for falling for her if this was the girl he met years back!

(loved your writing on your grandma, by the way!)

mrs a said...

WOW - I didn't think she was the same person. She is pretty here. Thanks for sharing!

flowerbossa said...

Mrs. A,

If you think so, I think she would be pleased - she must have done something right with her acting!

bb said...

hehe, gals, gals... no many women can look beautiful in the hospital PJs and sans makeup, you know?