Sep 3, 2006

O & N Once More!

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mrs a said...

My household really likes Kim Ha Neul. So it is always special to see her with our wuri YongJoon - my dude! Only see them from modeling though. They look good together I think!

She is my Hubby's fav K actress. Saw her in Secret with Kim Min Jong and Ryu Shi Won ? and was impressed with her. And so easy on the eyes. He always wants to know if she is in the next Kdrama on AZN? Santa please bring him a dvd of her so he doesn't keep asking that...haha

Are they friends I wonder? She keeps very busy too working. I want to see the Stained Glass movie with LDG when it comes out. YouTube has a mv of it and a I love that song but don't know if it is actually in the movie or not. Called Promises Don't Come Easy by Caron Nightingale. Have you heard it?

flowerbossa said...

Hi mrs.a,

You and jaime make me realize that I have seen VERY few Korean dramas which don't star Yong Joon.

I have no idea whether Kim Ha Neul and YJ are close - I some how doubt it.

We will have to wait for BB to get better to ask her these questions!

jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

I hope I haven't misled you that I watched a lot of K-dramas. I admit I watch all of Yong Joon's dramas 1000 times and more. However I wish I can exude that enthusiam for other K-dramas. I think mrs a excels in that area, she is totally fluent in the names of the actors!

Other dramas that I love are British theater called 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Brideshead Revisited'. Both are period drama with dreamy settings, romantic stories, beautiful costumes and handsome actors. Do you enjoy British theaters?

flowerbossa said...


Oh dear, did you have to remind me?

Do I like British theater -
want a hint?

My joonie bear's name is Sebastian...

I saw tiny bits of this drama when I went to the States during the summer of 83 (I think it was) and I had always wanted to see the whole thing. I love the book any way.

I am basically a non-genre person -
I love anything that's good!

But in terms of British films, I love "A Room with a View", "Sense and Sensibility"(amazing that this was directed by Ang Lee) and "Remains of a Day", to name a few.

Ohh, someday, I'm going to buy that "BHR" DVD set...

jaime said...

o dear flowerbossa,

Your joonie bear 'Sebastian' is named after Anthony Andrews' character in BHR??? I love his portrayal of Sebastian and of course Jeremy Irons as Charles Ryder. Don't you love their trip in Venice and the beautiful cinematography there? I love the 1920s pale linen suits and coats they wore, so classy and elegant!

I'm like you, I will try to get the DVD set one day. I just checked and there is a new release coming out in Oct 2006. However, I read that the original box set from 2002 has extra features and a picture booklet, so I'll wait to see what the new release looks like.

Happy to find a fellow British masterpiece theater lover too!