Sep 30, 2006

I'm going to SEE Seikyo Kim!

Thanks to our lovely sister Tomato, I was able to apply for a talk & autograph session which is going to be held at Brokore Land next week end.

As most of you know, Maestro Kim conducted the music of "April Snow" at the Saitama Arena event held last summer.
If you are interested in revisiting what the Maestro has to say about BYJ, please see my June 13 posting in the archive.

Because he is an extremely popular conductor here, fans rushed to participate in this event. I was really lucky to get in.

Thanks again, tomato!

Incidentally, Maestro Kim appeared in a popular talk show called "Top Runner" last month.

Tomato was in the audience that day!

AND, one of my favorite sopranos Maki Mori also made an appearance on the same show very recently.

I'm planning to line up to ask for Maestro's autograph.
AND I hope to ask him to collaborate with Yong Joon-ssi some day soon! (The Maestro is also an IMX artist!)

If any of you want me to pass a message to him,
I will be happy to.
Please let me know!


bb said...

err... i don't have any special msg for him, just wanna wish you lots of fun next weekend :)

flowerbossa said...

Thanks bb!

I have to confess I have another reason for going there next week...

Gotta see that "block"!

bb said...

hee... oh, that 'block'...

oh, flowerbossa! *bb grins & gives you a thumbs-up*

jaime said...

hi flowerbossa,

so happy for you that you can see Maestro Kim again. How nice, a talk and autograph session. Have a good time with him!

BTW, is that him with his hair shaved so close to his head standing next to Ms Mori? Looks so different.

flowerbossa said...


No not quite^_^

The two standing next to Ms.Mori
are the MCs of the show.

Incidentally, they are popular actors.
The pretty girl's name is Manami Honjo - she's expecting her first baby.

The guy is Taro Yamamoto.

jaime said...

Oh a different man, I have such bad eyes. Do Masetro Kim Seikyo and MC Kim Tei speak Korean at all? They are Koreans borned in Japan right? Are they famous only after Yonsama?

There are a lot of pretty and tall girls in Japan indeed. Thanks for clarifying, flowerbossa.

flowerbossa said...
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flowerbossa said...


Maestro Kim is a Korean born in Osaka, but I am pretty sure he is fluent in the language.
He was an up and coming conductor way before Yon-sama!
Although I couldn't go to the reunion event in Saitama, I remember thinking IMX was really lucky to have Maestro Kim conduct the music for April Snow.
As for Kim Tei, she like President Sohn came to Japan as a student in her college days. I believe she graduated a Japanese university. Both of them are so fluent in Japanese that it's quite amazing.

Kim Tei-ssi is a stage actress, I don't know how long she's been around, but I'm sure she's gotten much more famous after wuri prince!