Sep 15, 2006

The Other Side of Pallet

Untitled III
(Oils, 100×100)

Untitled II(2004 , Oils, 60× 74 cm)

Untitled I

(2003 , Oils, 100× 80 cm)


bb said...

pallet does oil paintings too? wow, what talent... does she paint wuri yong joon in oil as well? hehe, am sure you must have seen that question coming :p

flowerbossa said...

Hi bb,

Thanks for coming over to
pallet's "other world" which is actually her "main world".

Pallet pursued the world of oils for many years, and for her the two worlds are separate
- so, she claims that she probably will not attempt ex@ressing wuri prince in oils.

She WILL continue to draw him in pencil, so she'd appreciate it if you would come over to look at them again♪


flowerbossa said...


sorry! I spelled 'expressed'
in a silly way ↑there!

jaime said...

wow flowerbossa,

There is really no limit to Pallet's talents, is there? What school does her oil paintings belong to? (sorry for my ignorance)Did she get her training in Paris or Japan?

I love her use of colours, so vibrant yet not overly glaring. You can really tell the heart of the artist from these paintings - beautiful, delicate, youthful and spirited. She seems to want to share with the world her wonderful life and happiness. Am I right?

Sorry if I have misinterpreted her intentions. Does she draw her inspirations from nature or from her heart? I love the beautiful colours in Untitled I, that's about how I always feel - pink!
But I really love them all!

Thanks for sharing Pallet! Truly Amazing work!

love ..... Jaime

flowerbossa said...

Hello Jaime,

Thank you for your comment to pallet.
She was really happy to hear from you, and she asked me to post her reply.

"Jaime, thank you for looking at my works.
I study under a wonderful teacher in Japan.
Because I used to be fond of artists like Bonnard and Matissse,
I enjoyed painting the scenery of the Province region and the Mediterranean.
But gradually, my interest turned towards modern art, and now
my works are influenced by many of the contemporary artists.

You are free to feel anything you like from my paintings,
but as you say, they are probably a reflection of the scenery in my heart."

We're happy to share these works with you!


Anonymous said...



flowerbossa said...

Long time no see, Michelle!
How's Friday?

Thanks for looking at pallet's
works (scribblings to some!)

Take it easy♪
Hope you come by again when you feel like it.

flowerbossa & Sebastian 

jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

I appreciate very much for Pallet's reply. Please relate this message to her :

Dear Pallet ...... thank you very much for allowing us to have a glimpse into your artistic world. I can only use my extremely limited knowledge and sense to appreciate your paintings. Your fondness for Bonnard can be seen in your use of vibrant colours, loose but fine brushstrokes and abstract theme. These are arts which sought for appreciation from not just the minds, but the hearts. I hope you'll share more of your painitngs with us in the future.

love ..... Jaime

liezle said...

wow these painting are beautiful! love her color scheme. pallet is a very talented lady. love them!

thanks flowerbossa for posting them here and letting us see pallet's work.

mrs a said...

Hello there dear flowerbossa, pallet and sebastian too!

Once again I am in awe. Those beautiful colors has magnetism and embraces me. I know I seem to repeat my self but PALLET YOU ARE ONE TALENTED LADY. MY FAVORITE ARTIST!

Take care,

Mrs A and Rider

flowerbossa said...

Hello liezle,

I'm happy to hear that you like her colors.

They some how make me feel good, too.

flowerbossa said...

Hello mrs. A and Rider!

How have you been?

It was too bad pallet didn't paint during the years we lived in the States.
I guess she wasn't in that frame of mind when she was busy raising us!

But it's great to be able to share these works with you now.

Have a nice week!