Oct 16, 2009

Chukahamnida Do Youn-ssi!

Jeon Do Youn was awarded the Cheavalier des Arts et Lettres medal during “French Night” at the Busan Film Festival.

JDY was named best actress by the Cannes International Film Awards 2007 for her role in “Secret Sunshine”.

Congratulations, Do Youn-ssi!


Anonymous said...

I have seen this movie "Secret sunshine" and I think it was very good. She made an impression as an actress.


flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

Wow, so you saw this movie?

I missed it unfortunately - I really wanted to see it when it was playing in the theater.

Have you seen "The President's Barber"?

Song Kang Ho (the male lead) is in it, and I like it a lot. I realized later that I needed some historical knowledge to fully appreciate it, but it was good just the same^^