Oct 2, 2009

A Moving Comment by MC Kim Tei-ssi

“This is a country without borders.”

- In response to MC Ryuji Miyamoto- san’s comment, “just where is this?!”

On stage was:

a Korean born actor (BYJ) speaking Korean and Japanese,

a Korean born MC, Kim Tei-ssi speaking Korean and fluent Japanese,

a German born Korean, and president of the Korea Tourism Organization, Lee Charm-ssi speaking fluent Korean and VERY good Japanese,

a Japanese translator, Rie Nemoto-san (also translator of BYJ’s book) speaking Korean and Japanese,and himself speaking Japanese and a bit of Korean!

(Also, Korean lacquer artist, Jun Yong Bok sonsen-nim entertained the audience earlier in the event in fluent Japanese throughout.)

Thank you Kim Tei-ssi, for expressing this wonderful sight so beautifully!

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