Oct 6, 2009

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Satovic's Post Sept.30

Written by satovic
translated by flowerbossa

Yesterday, I went to Kamakura together with my sisters who gathered from all over Asia, showed them around Gajoen, and then went to eat the same ramen YJ ate.
After a fun-filled day, we said to each other “see you tomorrow!”
Friends from all parts of Asia whom I never would have met if it hadn’t been for YJ.
When there is a BYJ event like this one, we can see each other like this.
These are friends who we usually say good bye to only after a day – but I can see them tomorrow too! Oh how wonderful, and such a luxury too!

Today, at Tokyo Dome, wuri kajok gathered from all over Japan. Friends I have known for as long as 5 years. For a longer period than the time I spent in college, we have talked with each other on websites every day. Though our hearts are always joined, to be able to meet in person, hug each other and say “nae-il poja (see you tomorrow)” makes me so truly happy. We can see each other again at Tokyo Dome tomorrow!

And as I left the Dome, I said this to you too.
“Yong Joon, see you again tomorrow!”

How happy we are to be able to see you officially in Japan, 2 days in a row!
True, I had a hard time seeing you on stage because my view was blocked by the pillar in front of me, and when you flew on a balloon, you had your back turned towards me when you were passing by me…

Even so, it didn’t bother me when I knew that “I can see him tomorrow too!” I ‘m happy just to be able to see him!

Of course it would be nice to be able to see you a little closer tomorrow, but you don’t have to risk your life to see us!
I saw enough of you today, and I am worried about your health.
Because you weren’t so energetic, I was a bit scared for you lest you got dizzy on the gondola.
Tomorrow, you don’t have to do something like going around the audience in a treasure ship with the seven Gods of good fortune( your sonsen-nims). Knowing you, you will probably go out of your way paying your respects to your seniors. Rather, it would be make me happy if you would come closer to show us what you are feeling in your heart.

During your year long journey, you probably met all sorts of people and discovered many treasures. So, please tell us all about it! We want to hear your words, rather than the sonsen-nims’. We wouldn’t mind if you got overly excited and talked too much. If we could feel what you felt with your heart, and could share your feelings, we would be much happier than have you come towards us risking your life. We like your looks of course, but we like you for what you have within you. We want to see more of what you have inside you.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. Presently, I am looking after a Korean boy like he is my son. Though he is at an age that he would soon have to serve in the military, I was afraid that he was beginning to lose his identity as a Korean having lived in Japan for such a long period. So, I am planning to casually have your book lying on the table when my copy arrives. I hope your book would help him feel proud of his heritage, and love his own country more. Actually, he dislikes the fact that I am crazy about you. But I want to boast to him that Yon-sama whom Ilbon onma loves so much is someone who makes such an extraordinary book ^^ And I want to tell him that “ Yong Joon-ssi told us ….. about the culture of Korea at Tokyo Dome”. So, TALK to us, alright?!

And I would like to ask a favor to the organizers of the event. This is something I felt in the Saitama Arena event and the one at Kyocera too. We want to see Yong Joon-san as long as possible, you see. So, when someone other than YJ-san is speaking, rather than showing the speaker on all four screens of the cube, could you possibly include YJ-san in a group shot and show that on 2 of the screens alternating the screens?

Because there were so many people on stage at Kyocera Dome, aside from the time YJ-san was speaking, we had to watch the other speakers on the screens for a large part of the event. When you are sitting far away, YJ-san only looks like a grain of rice, so all we were seeing for 2 hours and half was this grain of rice and the faces of the other participants, which made us feel that we were not able to see Yong Joon-san at all.

At Tokyo Dome, we can see 2 screens from most of the seats, so if you could show Screen A and C in a group shot at one time, and show B and D in the same way at other times, it would really be great. We would greatly appreciate it if you would give it a thought!

This is getting to be long, but lastly I would like to write about what I thought about today’s event. I thought the key to the event was the pink stiletto heels. When Ji Woo-chan came out after changing her costume, even though she was wearing a chic black outfit, I thought it strange that her shoes were shocking pink. The reason came to me immediately. When she appeared in those shoes, she slipped on the slope she was walking on and clung to Yong Joon – and YJ lent her his hand and escorted her gallantly.
This image! This was exactly the same formula that swept us away in “Winter Love Song”. The Lee Min Hyung isa-nim we were waiting for has come back.

In WLS, Chun Sang and Min Hyung were wonderful of course, but actually, I think the reason we were taken over by this drama was because we sympathized with Yujin whose heart swayed between these men. To prove it, the most moving lines of the drama like “I will not say I am sorry. You took with you what I treasure the most in my heart” were Yujin’s words. We had identified ourselves with Yujin and we had completely fallen for Min Hyung-san who was like a gallant knight who goes to rescue Yujin from far away Dragon Valley when he receives a call from Yujin (never mind the fact that she doesn’t say just WHERE she is in a big city like Seoul).

So, in other words the essence of WLS cannot be conveyed without the “Yujin is at a loss, prince saves Yujin” structure, but the story has already ended. Over the years, we have come to discover Yong Joon’s charm without the help of Yujin. NOW, Yujin is nothing but a nuisance. So, when YJ held Ji Woo in his arms, an enormous screech rose from the audience, and the person sitting in front of me was literally pulling her hair out over the sight, and continued to watch the stage holding her head in her hands like in a manga (laughs). But in order to go back to the WLS mode, we need to have YJ return to his role of the wonderful MH who helps Yujin and escorts her. That’s when the pink stilettos worked really well.
The MC too emphasized “oooh, so she slipped because of the fake snow that had fallen on stage. We have to be grateful for the snow, don’t we?” but this was a significant point… After this, the Korean singer that appeared went up and down the same slope with the fake snow on the floor and in high heels quite at ease without slipping at all. So, the situation they created on stage with “CJ slipping on the fake snow and clinging to YJ” plus CJ’s great acting revived our Lee Min Hyung in front of our eyes. I would like to applaud the director for directing this event concentrating on this point. This should help us go back to the WLS mode and enjoy the world of animation.

I truly would like to thank Choi Ji Woo-san too, for taking on the role that might have made her a victim of being hated by 45,000 people – she was most charming with her beautiful smile, and boldly undertook the dangerous challenge of waving to us from the balloon.

More than anything, I would like to thank Yong Joon-ssi for his efforts in continuing to charm us after seven and half years, remaining beautiful and handsome as ever. I’m sure you are going through more than we will ever know, but because of your beauty, we will forever be under the spell.

Moreover, because this spell does not break so easily, it is quite okay for you to take on some dirty roles or foolish roles. So from now on, please try different types of roles freely and show us a in a new image. We have fully enjoyed what you showed us yesterday and today. So above everything, please get plenty of rest to recover your health, and show us the “next phase” of tomorrow’s event. If you have such a plan, please let us know at tomorrow’s event, alright? Because we don’t know what to look forward to after your book ^^

When the event is over, I want to be able to say to you with my friends,
“See you tomorrow! See you in so-and-so place!”

<原文> タイトル 昨日・今日・明日
投稿者 satovic 投稿日 2009/09/30 8:04:33 アクセス 4004

昨日、アジア中から集まった海外の家族達と一緒に鎌倉へいき、 雅叙園を案内して、ヨンジュンの食べたラーメンを食べた。 楽しい一日の別れ際に、「See you Tommorow! 」また明日ね!と、言いあった。 ヨンジュンがいなければ、あうことも出来なかったアジア各国の友人達。 ヨンジュンの行事があれば、こうしてあうことが出来る。でも、 いつもならば、一日で別れてしまわなければならないみんなに、 また、明日も会える! なんとうれしくて、贅沢なこと!

 今日、ドームには、日本中から家族が集まった。 もう5年にもなる長いつきあいの仲間達。大学4年間よりも長い歳月、 毎日サイトで言葉を交わし、心はひとつにしているけれど、実際にあって、抱き合い、別れ際に「ネイルポジャ!」と言えるのは本当に嬉しい。明日もドームでまた会える!

 そしてドームを出る瞬間、あなたにも言った。 「ヨンジュン、また明日ね!」 あなたと日本で公式に、2日も続けてあえるだなんて、なんて幸せなことなのだろう!  柱でステージは殆ど見えず、気球に乗って飛んできてくれても、私の前を通過する時は、ちょうど背中をむいていたけれど....  それでも、「明日もまた会える!」と思うと、そんなことさえ気にならなかった。会えるだけで 幸せなんだもの!


 実は今、私は韓国人の男の子を息子としてお預かりしています。もうすぐ兵役にいかなければならないのに、日本で長く暮らすうちに、韓国人としてのアイデンティティが薄くなっていることに危機感を感じていたんです。だから、あなたの本が届いたら、そっとテーブルの上においておくつもりなんですよ。自分が生まれた国の文化を誇りに感じられるように、大韓民国をもっと愛せるように、あなたの本が助けてくれたらと思います。彼は、私があなたに夢中なことが嫌いなんです。でも、イルボンオンマの好きなヨン様は、こんなスゴイ本を作っちゃう人なんだよ、って、自慢したいんですよ、私は。笑 そして彼に話してやりたいんですよ、東京ドームでね、ヨンジュンシは韓国の文化について、こんなことを言っていたよ!って。だから、たくさん語ってくださいね!

 で、明日のイベントの主催者さんに、ひとつお願いがあるんです。 埼玉アリーナの時にも、京セラドームの時にも感じたのですが、私たちはヨンジュンさんを、少しでも長くみたいんですよ。 だから、ヨンジュンさん以外の人が話している時にも、4面のキューブ状のスクリーン全部を、話している人の撮りきり画面にしないで、交互に2面はヨンジュンさん込みのグループショットにしておいてくれませんか? 
京セラドームの時には、登場人物が多かったので、ヨンジュンさんがしゃべっている時以外は、スクリーンに映った話者の顔をずっと眺めていなければなりませんでした。 遠くに座っていると、ヨンジュンさんは米粒にしか見えませんから、米粒を1粒と、他人の顔ばかりを眺め続ける2時間半で、ヨンジュンさんを見に来た気がしなかったんですよ。
東京ドームの中では、殆どの席から画面は2つ見えますから、ABCDの4面全部を同じ画面にしないで、時にはAとCがグループショット、時にはBとDがグループショットになるように切り替えてくださると、すごく助かります。 是非ご一考を、お願いします!

 長くなりましたが、最後に、今日のイベントの感想をかかせてくださいね。 今日のイベントの要はアマンドピンクのピンヒールだった!と、思いました。 衣装をかえてジウちゃんが登場した時、黒で統一したシックなファッションなのに、ドキッとするようなアマンドピンクのピンヒールで、へんだな?と思ったんです。 私の席からはヨンジュンさんの頭がマッチ棒の先程度にしか見えませんでしたが、それでもジウちゃんのピンクの靴はすぐに目につきました。そして、そのわけも、すぐにわかりました。その靴で登場した時、花道の傾斜ですべったジウちゃんはヨンジュンにしがみつき、ヨンジュンはそれに手を貸して、素敵にエスコートしたのです。 この構図!これこそが、私たちを冬ソナに巻き込んだ方程式です。 私たちが見たかった、イ・ミニョン理事がかえってきました。

冬ソナでは、チュンサンも、ミニョンも素敵だったけれど、実は、彼らに心ゆさぶられていくユジンに共感したからこそ、私たちは冬ソナにはまっていったと思うのです。その証拠に、「ごめんなさいなんていいません!あなたは私の心の一番大切なものをもっていったから!」に代表される冬ソナの名台詞の数々は、殆どがユジンの口から出たものです。私たちは、ユジンに自分を重ね合わせ、広いソウルの片隅から場所もいわずに電話をしても、はるか竜平から助けに駆けつけてくれるようなナイトなミニョンさんに、おちていったわけです。    ですから、チャーリー浜的に言うならば「困ったユジンがいて、助けてくれる王子様がいる」。この構図がなければ冬ソナの魅力は伝わらないはずなんですが、すでに物語は終わっています。今や私たちは、ユジンなしでも、ヨンジュンの魅力に気づいてしまったのです。そうなりゃユジンなんて邪魔者です。だから、冒頭でヨンジュンがジウちゃんを抱きしめた時にも、ぎゃあ~~!という悲鳴があがり、私の前の席の人は本当に髪の毛をかきむしり、そのあとも漫画のように両手で頭をかかえたままでステージを見ていました。笑 しかし、冬ソナモードになるためには、やはり、ヨンジュンには、ユジンを助けてエスコートする、素敵なミニョンに戻ってもらわなければなりません。そこで、ピンクのピンヒールが大活躍。




 さらに、この魔法はなかなか覚めませんから、多少、汚い役とか、バカな役とかをやっても平気です!だから、これからは、どんどんいろんな役に挑戦して、新しい姿を、私たちに見せてください。昨日のことも、今日のことも、もうこれで充分堪能しましたよ。ですからまずは、ゆっくり体を治して、そして私たちに、明日のイベントの、「その次」を見せてくださいね。 もし、そんな計画があったら、是非明日のイベントで教えてくださいね。だって、本の次には何を待ったらいいのか?わからないんですもの。^^;



myoce said...

Dear Flowerbossa,

Thank you for posting this heart touching write up of Satovic.
Just love it !

Wish her success with her 'plan' for BYJ's book^^

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hi Flowerbossa,

It was really awesome to meeting your mum, yourself and the rest of the bae-sisters at the Pesasa dinner. The momentos and photos we took at Tokyo Dome Hotel will always remains a treasure to me. Not only have I been showing them off to my family and friends in Malaysia but will be flying them back to Australia with me too.
It's really nice of you to translate Satovic's message and I totally agrees with her. Well down, Satovic and to you too.
Cheers, Christy (Malaysia)

flowerbossa said...

Hi myoce,

Yes, as always satovic has captured the atmosphere of the event most vividly.

I am sure she would be happy to read your comment^^
Let's keep our fingers crossed!


flowerbossa said...

Hi Christy,

I was so happy to see you and the
Malaysian sisters at our dinner.
I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it. My only regret is that time flied too quickly and I was not able to have more time with all of you! But then, we were lucky that the show was so long and we got to see more of BYJ than we expected
ヽ(^-^ )/

Are you originally from Australia?
Do have a great trip back, and talk to you soon!


p.s. If you can send me some of your photos I'd appreciate it very much. You can find my e-mail address in the profile section of this blog.

gosijo said...

Much appreciated, dear flowerbossa and satovic.

Like Christy, I was so happy to meet you and pallet in Tokyo! And especially to have a little more time to talk at the Meguro Gajoen.

Thanks also for translating YJ's postcard to us, his kajok. I do believe he meant every single word. My hope is that when the event's DVD comes out (surely, they'll issue one?), the editor will have the good sense to leave that whole scene intact.

Anonymous said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Oops, just not to confuse everyone. I'm a Malaysian residing in Perth (Western Aust) but still very much in contact with my bae-sisters in BMF. It's always my wish to see our Prince in person since 2004 so Tokyo's events came at the right timing. I wouldn't mind flying all that distance to see him again. His face is still full-on in my head and with love of course.
Sure, will send the pics when I get back to Perth.
All the best and say hi to yr mum for me.

xiaoyi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for always thinking of us and sharing this wonderful thought of satovic.

Take care.

Loves, xiaoyi

flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo, good to know that you've gotten back safe and sound!
I'm sure your family was happy to see you^^

Yes, I was so glad to be able to go to Gajoen with you - satovic wanted to spend more time with you too, and she hopes to talk to you the next time you come!

A lot of people already saw the 2 events on DA TV. I'm hoping someone will share it!

Take care, and talk to you soon!


flowerbossa said...

Hi again Christy,

So you are from Perth!

I once visited a friend living Sydney, but I know there's a lot more to see in Australia!

Take care(o^∀^o)


flowerbossa said...

Hi xiaoyi,

I'm glad you enjoyed reading satovic's report.

Hope you hear more about the events from your Malaysian sisters^^


Anonymous said...

Hi flowerbossa,

I didn't know Satovic posted on JOB until you wrote (don't remember where?) that you translated her account. I didn't expect Satovic did it so soon since she was not in good shape either. Anyway thanks for your translation that has never missed out the lively essence of the original.

Especially I agree with the part
'it is quite okay for you to take on some dirty roles or foolish roles'
Yong Joon-a, kidarikeyo~.

cloud nine

flowerbossa said...

Hi unni!

Thank you for coming by.

Otsukaresama for all the great work you did in guiding wuri sisters in Tokyo and Kamakura.

Since I missed these excursions, you will have to take me on another one! HA HA HA^^


satovic said...

hehehe...thanks everyone and thanks flowerbossa(^^;

flowerbossa said...

Hi satovic,

Thank YOU for being so quick in writing this report!

Let's hope wuri YJ will tell us about TOMORROW soon^^


Yoko said...

Thanks for sharing. It was an interesting reading for me. Especially the part of shocking pink high heels.

Love Yoko

flowerbossa said...

Hello Yoko-san,

I'm glad you liked satovic's post on JOB. It's quite witty don't you think?

Thank you for stopping by!
Hope to talk to you again^^/