Oct 1, 2009

Words by BYJ and the Participants

☆ I felt a father’s love once more.

- Lacquer artist Jun Yong Bok sonsen-nim taught BYJ so thoroughly that he felt a fatherly love from him.

☆ All of you showed good judgement.

- Hanbok designer Lee Hyo Jae introduced that BYJ was a truly wonderful young man, and praised the Japanese fans for having a good eye.

☆ I felt the emotions of mother.

- BYJ's reflections while making kimchi.

☆ I felt like a housewife.

- Reflecting on the day after making kimchi.
BYJ was taken aback to find the smell of red peppers still lingering on him.

☆ They said it was delicious.

- BYJ telling about the reaction of the people that tasted his kimchi.

☆ There is another person who bears the title of ambassador.

- The Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Japan, His Excellency Kwon Chul-hyun, speaking about BYJ during his speech declaring the “Visit Korea Years”.

He claimed BYJ does not only exist as BYJ himself in Japan, but as the PR ambassador of the “2010-2012 Visit Korea Years” .

☆ He is a beautiful young man who eats everything I serve him with relish!
- Lee Hyo Jae-ssi, in answer to the quesion "what is BYJ's preference on food?"

☆ I feel very proud of him as a fellow Korean.
President Lee Charm (The Korean Tourism Organization) expressing his astonishment upon facing the extraordinary number of fans. President Charm participated in the ceremony declaring the “2010-2012 Visit Korea Years” . He promised that he would remember every one of the 45,000 attendants of that day and treat them to makgoli when they came to Korea.

(source of quotes : Japanese edition of Chosun Ilbo)


gosijo said...

Thank you flowerbossa. I felt I was beginning to starve waiting to know some of the words said onstage during the events.

The Chosun Ilbo J. edition's coverage provides a succinct yet deeply meaningful account.

It was so wonderful to finally meet you in person 2 nights ago!

flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo-san,

Same here, same here!

Yes, I can understand how you feel, because it was all so moving...

BTW, my Joon bear Sebastian LOVED the ice wineヽ(^-^ )/

Have fun in Kamakura!


Hyds said...

Dear Flowersbossa,
Thank you for sharing these qoutes. I agree, it's been a very moving couple of days although I only witnessed the event across the miles.
Take care.

flowerbossa said...

Hello Hyds,

I remember being moved by the events that took place during his stay in Japan a few years ago, although I was not being able to attend the gathering at Saitama Arena.

I think I can understand how you are feeling right now^^