Oct 27, 2009


Brought to You By Wuri PESASA Staff !


Chun Sang: Satovic
Yujin: MARInet

Produced by: katti & roses
Props by: katti & roses
Recaptured by: tomochang
English subtitles by: flowerbossa


Anonymous said...

Hi flowerbossa,

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. Omg, I nearly fell off my chair laughing, they are so hilarious.

This posting certainly brings back treasured memories in Japan. Am really glad to have had this opportunity to meet all you lovely sisters.

Once again, thanks for inviting us for the PESASA gathering.

Take care and Stay Healthy.

Till we meet again.


Hyds said...
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Hyds said...

Cheers Flowerbossa! That looks really fun.. Even here I'm grinning ;-)

jenny said...

Dear Flowerbossa

OMG is so cute and i think everyone has fun at the gathering. Thanks for sharing.



jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

Thank you so much for posting these very cute pictures by tomochang. I had very fond memory of that evening, what a wonderful way to wrap up our 2 days event. Thanks to you, marinet san, satovic san and all the organizers for your hospitality and included us overseas family in your gathering.

Until next time :) Please take care!

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Dear marilyn,

I'm glad you were able to witness this show "LIVE"!

I hope tomochang's captures will help to preserve the memories ...


flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

I wish you were there to see it!

I'm sure there will be future opportunities^^


flowerbossa said...

Hi Jenny,

Yes, we had a lot of fun - I wish we had more time to talk.

And wuri "show time" was short but had enough IMPACT!


flowerbossa said...

Dear Jaime,

I was so happy that you were able to make it to wuri gathering^^

MARInet-san & PESASA staff were honored to have so many sisters from abroad join us on such a special occasion.


gosijo said...

Dear flowerbossa-san,

Sorry to be late with my comment. I had a good laugh when I first saw it yesterday and then had to rush off...

Thank you so much for posting tomochan's capture of a key moment at the PESASA gathering and helping us re-live/share them! And congratulations to the creative team behind the skit for their inventive "low-tech" recreation of the most memorable portion of the Dome event on 29th September!

I think that with so many countries and cultures represented, we truly felt like One Family. One big, happy, loving and laughing Family... of women, of course!!

I will cherish these memories, always.

flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo,

I'm glad you were able to have a "taste" of the creativity of wuri PESASA sisters - and I'm really grateful that tomochang had recaptured it for us to share to wuri kajok who were not able to join us that evening ヽ(^-^ )/

AND, on the point of wuri kajok being made up of WOMEN ... wuri aboji is also kajok, and even contemplated on coming to the TOKYO DOME EVENT^^
At the BSJ's last gathering, we had a "brother" helping out too~


xiaoyi said...

Dear flowerbossa,

Thanks so much for sharing the sisters' performance, ha ha... they are really cute and creative.

Thanks again.

Take care and loves,

Anonymous said...

Hi flowerbossa,

This is hilarious! BSJ's genes have surely been passed down to PESASA.

I well understand that organizing such a big gathering is very hard, but my regret is the seating. I think most overseas sisters were sitting next to each other (except Canadian and Hong Kong sisters) without being mingled with Japanese sisters.

I mean no offense, but by pre-arranging the seating, it could have been a place for Japanese and non Japanese sisters to 'really' meet and communicate each other.

cloud nine

flowerbossa said...

Thank you unni for your comment!

Yes, I regret that too...

But with last minute changes, and PLUS the show being SOO long (you know I'm not complaining here^^), it was quite a challenge for us!

Oh well, next time^^