Nov 9, 2009

From the Iwayama Urushi Art Museum Website

Statement on the top page of the Iwayama Urushi Art Museum:

The articles by a few of the newspapers reporting that the art museum will be closing is not true.
We intend to continue our efforts in maintaining the museum.
We would like to apologize for unwillingly causing anxiety among our supporters.

Your continued support will be much appreciated.

Also, like every winter, the museum will be closed from Nov.30, but we look forward to seeing you all at our exhibit at the Korea Cultural Center in December (12/16~1/9).


yudi said...

Dear Flowerbossa,

I am very glad to know that the news about the closure of the museum which did bother me a little is not true. Thank you very much for translating the statement into English.

Would you mind if I re-post this statement in Baidu in Chinese?


flowerbossa said...

Hello Yudi,

Thank you for your interest on this article.

Please go ahead and post this statement, but I will give you the latest info on this matter:

"Director Jun Yong Bok asserted that they will not be closing, but it is a fact that they are facing difficulties in managing the museum.

During the discussion with the city authorities on Nov.9th, the director made proposals on how to manage the museum in the future. He suggested managing the museum as a nonprofit or public organization, exhibiting not only lacquer art but other artifacts like pottery and dyed goods. The director also expressed his intentions in continuing to create his works there and offered his cooperation in exhibiting them.
City authorities will review the director’s proposal and further talks will be held later."

(source IBC)

As you can see, they are in a difficult situation, but sonsen-nim is going to give it his all like always! Let's wish him luck!


gosijo said...

Hello flowerbossa and yudi,

Do you think there is any way we can help? For example, as overseas visitors to the museum we could write the city authorities and express how rich a resource we found the museum to be. How we may have been drawn to it by one rather peculiar interest but truly enjoyed the work displayed there and would highly recommend our own circles of family and friends to make a stop at the museum if ever they were in the general vicinity of Morioka.

What do you think?

flowerbossa said...

Hello gosijo,

Why not?
Couldn't hurt!

I'd be happy to help you in translating your letter and sending it to the city hall.

I don't know who was with you on your trip to Iwayama, but if there are others who might be interested, pls let them know.


yudi said...

Dear gosijo and flowerbossa,

Great idea, we should try it to see if it could be of any help. How should we do it?

I think there are two options, one option is to initiate a letter to the city authorities and get as much signatures as we can, as it’s impossible for us to get hand signatures, do you think electronic signatures will do the same job?

The other option is to spread the news and our suggested solution, I would like to post it in Baidu and BYJfriendsforever sites whose members visited the museum on Sep. 28 together with gosijo, I will translate any letters I get into English and pass to flowerbossa to translate it into Japanese.

Let me know your idea, I think we better act quick so the letter(s) could get to the city authorities before their next meeting.


flowerbossa said...

Hello yudi, gosijo & all those interested,

It's great that you are thinking about taking action.

Frankly, I do not have too much time to work on this, so I'd appreciate it if we can keep it simple - like have one of you write a letter with electronic signatures of those who show their support.


gosijo said...

Hi yudi, flowerbossa and everyone interested,

I agree that we should keep it to one letter, one message of support. Thanks flowerbossa-san for offering to translate (English to Japanese) and forward on to the right people as that will make a big difference.

Yudi, I'll email you and we can see how best to reach those who visited the museum. Perhaps our message should also take into account those who hope to visit it next time they go to Japan.

We'll have to find a way to demonstrate that our signatures are real, though.

yudi said...

Dear flowerbossa, gosijo and everyone interested,

Yes, we should keep it to one letter as it is the easiest way to those who want to participate and show their support. And definitely we should include those who hope to visit it next time when they go to Japan like myself. I already thought of a way to demonstrate that our signatures are real, will talk to you through email.


flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo & yudi,

Thanks for leaving me a message here.

I've sent you a e-mail on this matter - please check it out^^/


bb said...

hi flowerbossa,

sorry i'm THIS late.... let's just say i've been busy, but i plan to make my bae-comeback ASAP, but i think it will have to be next year.

back to the topic at hand... i was immensely alarmed when i read the news about the closure. then i was told the news wasn't true.

but there's been new updates, isn't it? i believe it's still gonna be closed eventually...? is this the latest...?

if true, then it's really sad, this turn of events.

i remember reading about the artists (and workers?) in the surrounding areas... do you have any idea how the impending closure might impact them? and have you heard anything about how this might affect mr jun?

much thanks for your diligence in sharing all this time :)

flowerbossa said...

Hi princess bb!

Good to see you here!

There have been additional news in the papers, but I don't know what the status is as of today. All I know is that they are trying to hang in there.

I think gosijo will be getting in touch with you on this matter.


p.s. Will be having a "LEADER" lunch with my chingus soon!