Nov 16, 2009

Pinky Ring Meets Cheon Han-Bong Sonsen-nim

Wuri Pinky Ring made another journey to Korea!

This time, she visited Mungyeong,Gyeongsangbuk-do to meet Cheon Han Bong sonsen-nim, the famous ceramist BYJ introduced in his book.

Here is a brief introduction of the great artist:

"Master Cheon Han Bong was born at Tokyo, Japan in 1933 and entered into private Yo in Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do after coming back to Korea in 1948. And he established Mungyeong Yo in 1972. Currently, he is honorary professor in the department of pottery & enamel in Mungyeong University.
He is the artist who secures the 1st Maksabal of Chosun Dynasty. The great master of Korean Ceramics, Cheon Han Bong is artist who has put all his efforts on making teacup through whole life.

He inherited the vein of traditional ceramics of the old Korea is a master of Korean Ceramics, and followed the stem of teacup with the name of ‘artist who revives Maksabal’. He contains nature as it is by collecting and using natural material such as soil, firewood and enamel etc. and is famous in foreign countries too. He is an artist who shined in Korean earthenware history."

(source: Mungyeong City Website)

Sonsen-nim had just gone through a leg surgery at the time he participated in BYJ's press conference. Although he still goes to the hospital for treatment, he is well, and continues to work vigorously.

Let us hope that the cold weather will not affect his health.

By car, it took me (Pinky Ring) a little over 3 hours from Seoul to Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Sonsen-nim's climbing kilns.

Sonsen-nim's western style home!

Looking over the certificates he had been awarded.

He showed me around the famous exhibit room on the second floor.

Numerous certificates, decorations, and works were layed all over the room.

Sonsen-nim proudly showing the certificate and medal of The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays he was awarded by the Japanese government on Nov.3, 2008.

His beautiful smile.

The works in the exhibit room.

A masterpiece incised with a hedge pattern.
I had lunch at this diner in the city.

Ordered this on the menu.

Their specialty. Pasta made of acorns!

Many namuls.
What's this?! I found this after I finished eating!!

BYJ-ssi was here tooćƒ½(^-^ )/

You've got to be kidding~♡

This was a famous restaurant - autographs of many celebrities were displayed.

BYJ used his usual photo...

He sat here!

Because I was very busy during this trip, this was practically the only time I had a decent meal. I was lucky to enjoy a delicious local cuisine.

Experiencing a wonderful cultural exchange through ceramics ...

Cheon Han Bong sonsen-nim was so friendly that I was taken aback.

He was gentleman of a different character from Jun Yong Bok sonsen-nim.

Having met these two masters of art, I was truly impressed by their greatness.

Thank you BYJ, for rewarding me with such wonderful encounters.

And thank you Pinky Ring-san for sharing your precius experiences with us!


gosijo said...

Pasta made of acorns? Would love to try that!!

Thank you flowerbossa-san for translating Pinky Ring's impressions on her travel to Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do, to visit Cheon Han-Bong Sonsen-nim's studio.

Makes me want to include it in a possible itinerary if ever...

Also, even if I haven't left a comment in the last two posts, I've been following Pinky Ring's Kyoto pictorial travelogue. I particular like (am envious even) of her water ripple picture. Why didn't I think of taking a similar shot in Kamakura?

flowerbossa said...

Hi gosijo,

Thanks to Pinky Ring, we can enjoy a virtual trip to Korea right in our living room^^

I would love to visit sonsen-nim's studio too. I at least would like to attend the exhibits he holds in Japan.

Pinky Ring really has a wonderful eye for capturing beautiful moments, doesn't she!


jenny said...

Dear Flowerbossa

Thanks for sharing with us and translating Pinky Ring visit to Mungyeong, Gyeongsangbuk-do and her beautiful journal written of Cheon Han-Bong Sonsen-nim's on her visit to his studio.

Really appreciate pinky ring effort on writing all this beautiful journal to share with us. Moreover she have to travel over 3 hours reaching there and the time she need to visit , interview , take pic to share.

Thanks you


flowerbossa said...

Hi Jenny,

Yes, I really admire Pinky Ring's energy (AND courage!) to actually make a trip to see the master.

She really enjoys taking photos, and sharing them with us.

We are very lucky, aren't we^^


bb said...

hi hi flowerbossa,

again, wanna express my thanks to pinky ring as well as yourself for the sharing. and i've always loved the thought of all this cross-border sharing, and since a long time ago, have kindda linked it to a torch relay of love, passing on from the first person to the next and the next, etc etc etc... as the passage is being translated.

i thought it's a beautiful story on its own.

in a way, wuri yong joon's book has kindda done the same thing... he's brought attention to the possibly vanishing(?) korean traditional arts and craft and through his book, he's spread the awareness and knowledge and thus, the beauty of these traditional korean culture.

and... it's obviously a successful feat as we can see how wuri yong joon's book has triggered pinky ring's personal visit, and she has shared her personal travelogue just as wuri yong joon had... and through your translation, the word has been passed on from the japanese family to the english-speaking family... lovely, isn't it?

once again, thanks.

flowerbossa said...


The funny thing is, YJ triggered interest in my OWN culture- the awareness of how much I don't know about it^^

Pinky Ring has been very helpful in that respect also, as she has been sharing so many beautiful photos of Kyoto and lacquer works in Japan.

Have a great weekend^^