Nov 30, 2009

Kyoto Fall Foliage Presented by Pinky Ring

Kinkakuji Temple

Shingoji Temple
Ninnaji Temple


gosijo said...

Exquisite, every single one!

I hope you don't mind that I have sent the link to 2 people.

Many thanks to you and pinky ring. Feeling more and more sorry we couldn't meet in September.

jenny said...

Dear Flowerbossa

How are u ? Thanks for sharing this pic with us . Wow the pic is so beautiful. I love to see especially the colourful leaf . Is really spectacular. If u don't mind , can i know which month is this pic taken. I need to keep a record so if i come in future , i will come at the right time to see all this beautiful trees.

Lastly thanks pinky ring for taking this beautiful pic .

Hope both of u have a wonderful week ahead and take care in this cooling weather.



Hyds said...

OMG!!! Agree with Gosijo. They are so beautiful..One thing we don't have here in England. Thank you very much for showing the photos Flowerbossa and please tell Pinky Ring they are better photos than mine. What camera is she using if she doesn't mind me asking? I just love the clarity and the sharpness of each detail. She really have a very good she's really inspired me!!

Lots of love,

flowerbossa said...

Dear gosijo,

I'm sure pinky ring-san would be happy to hear that you've shared your photos with your chingus!

Let's hope that you will have the chance to meet her in the future^^


flowerbossa said...

Dear Jenny,

Pinky Ring said that you can usally enjoy such sights from mid to late november.

Of course as wuri BYJ reminds us, the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable...

I hope you can visit Kyoto in its prime someday!


flowerbossa said...

Hi Hyds,

I asked Pinky Ring about her camera, and she said she uses
a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ38 with a 18X optical zoom

Perhaps this is it?

She like it because it is very compact.

Next time she hopes to buy something that has more closeup and zoom features.

She claims that she still has a lot to learn - she feels frustrated for not being able to express herself fully.

Let's look forward to her future works!


Hyds said...

Dear Flowerbossa,
Thanks for sharing the info. What a coincidence. This is the same with my other camera but mine is an earlier model. I agree with it being compact. It's same one I used in Dovedale. Please send my regards to Pinky Ring.


Anonymous said...

Dear Flowerbossa,

Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures. I wish I could plant a Japanese Maple in my garden but since we have arctic climate I wonder if it will survive winter.

flowerbossa said...

Dear Hyds,

Oh, how interesting!

So great photographers use similar cameras!

I'm sure pinky ring would be pleased too^^


flowerbossa said...

Dear Ida,

That's an interesting thought...

They would probably look beautiful in your country, but you are right, I have no idea whether they could survive the cold weather.

I wonder how different Japanese maples are from Canadian maples...

Let us know if you decide to give it a try^^